GDBBM – Chapter 772

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Chapter 772: “Each with Their Own Thoughts (2)”

“I believe our respected participants are here in the Yan Country for the first time and as the Crown Prince of the Yan Country, it is only reasonable that I should play host and I would like to invite all of you to join us at a banquet tomorrow where I will be inviting the disciples from the various disciples academies to admire the full moon.” Lei Chen threw out an invitation offhandedly as they chatted.

Fan Jin did not react strongly as that had been the Yan Country’s tradition all this while. After all the academies have gathered, the Yan Country would always hold a banquet inviting disciples from all the various academies. It was deemed to be sort of a feast to welcome all the different academies but in fact, it was through this banquet, that the Yan Country would observe the disciples to easily discover more talents who held great potential, that the Yan Country would try to recruit.

That was supposed to be welcoming news but…..

Fan Jin secretly glanced at Jun Wu Xie and the others at the side. After they came into the hall, they had not spoken much, and their attitude towards Lei Chen had been less than enthusiastic all this while.

Disciples from other academies would have rushed to be able to cling onto such a high branch like Lei Chen, but for Jun Wu Xie and her companions…..

Fan Jin did not feel that the bunch of them cared much for Lei Chen’s position as the Crown Prince.

Just as Fan Jin was contemplating whether to refuse or to accept the invitation, Jun Wu Xie suddenly spoke up and said: “We will have to trouble you then.”

Lei Chen’s heart leapt in joy, and he replied to Jun Wu Xie to say with a gentle smile: “No trouble, I would implore our distinguished guests to forgive my tardiness in sending out the invitation instead. This little brother looks rather young and you have have already won a spot to take part in the Spirit Battle Tournament, what an incredibly talented youth you are. May I ask what’s your name?”

Jun Wu Xie glanced briefly at Lei Chen a moment and replied: “Jun Xie.”

“Ah….. It’s little brother Jun. If I remember it correctly, you still have yet to turn fifteen I believe? I saw the namelist of the candidates from the Zephyr Academy taking part in the Spirit Battle Tournament from before and I was shocked when I saw the information about you, never expecting that we would have such a young contestant. Now that I see you, I must say that Headmaster Fan Jin really has an extraordinary eye for spotting talents.” Lei Chen said, trying to sound affable and familiar, his gentle tone even praising Jun Wu Xie in passing. He did not have time for the others in the Zephyr Academy and if not for Jun Xie here, he wouldn’t have bothered to appear at this place tonight.

But Jun Wu Xie had been silent and did not speak much, her eyes clear as water, which made Lei Chen assume that the youth was still naive in the ways of the world, possessing extraordinary skills and being incredibly talented, but pure and simple in mind, the type of person most easy to manipulate.

Lei Chen’s heart was immensely gladdened as he nonchalantly attempted to close up the distance between Jun Xie and himself. He strongly believed, that no one would refuse the offered friendship of a Crown Prince!

However, when Jun Wu Xie heard the Crown Prince address her as “little brother Jun”, her brow creased up, showing a tinge of displeasure, completely unaffected by Lei Chen’s title of being the Crown Prince.

Moreover, the two words “Crown Prince” had always only meant one thing to Jun Wu Xie….. Dumb!

Mo Qian Yuan had also been a Crown Prince, and if he had not met Jun Wu Xie, there would be no need to talk about ascending the throne at all, as he would not even have been able to retain his own life.

Lei Chen’s assumption might have been practical, but before Jun Wu Xie, that couldn’t have been more wrong.

As the hand who had personally lifted a completely wasted Crown Prince to finally ascend the throne as an Emperor, to the Eldest Young Miss of a Duke’s palace, Lei Chen’s title did not exactly impress her the slightest.

She had even overthrown an Emperor from his throne, what’s more a mere Crown Prince?

Having accepted the invitation, Jun Wu Xie no longer paid Lei Chen any attention and just lowered her eyes to stroke and cuddle the little black cat in her arms. Finding himself spurned so completely, Lei Chen felt as if he had been slapped, and what’s more it was when he had been smiling and cordial towards them. Lei Chen had wanted to speak more to Jun Wu Xie to bridge the gap between them, to draw Jun Xie closer, but those words were now all stuck right at the top of his throat!

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