GDBBM – Chapter 771

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Chapter 771: “To Each Its Own (1)”

Lei Chen was seated on the first level of the Immortals’ Loft and was chatting with Fan Jin. When Jun Wu Xie and the others went down, that saw him dressed in finery seating straight up in his chair, a modest and gentle smile on his face. To be fair, Lei Chen’s looks were rather outstanding, attractive but not in the least bit frivolous or antagonistic, making people subconsciously feel that this person was refined and cultured, and was very approachable.

Fan Jin spotted Jun Wu Xie and the others walking over and he immediately stood up and said with a smile: “This gentlemen here is the Yan Country’s Crown Prince, His Imperial Highness, Lei Chen.”

Lei Chen stood up to nod at all the others, his demeanor gentle.

Qiao Chu and the others greeted him perfunctorily and take their seats at the side, secretly observing Lei Chen.

Lei Chen enjoyed a good reputation and high praise from his people in the Yan Country, regardless whether it was his courteous and considerate manners, or his rather outstanding gift. Lei Chen was twenty five years old this year and he had already attained a green spirit. Although he was not the most highly gifted or prodigiously talented, it was considered to be rather good as for a ruler next in line, what was considered more important was his mind and not his might.

“Should I assume these few individuals to be the elites of the Zephyr Academy? Every single one of them look really outstanding. Headmaster Fan Jin really knows how to select his talents.” Lei Chen cast his eyes over all the companions sitting on the side, his gaze gentle and polite.

Fan Jin replied: “Your Highness is too kind.”

“Are all of you used to it in the Yan Country? If there is anything that does not suit your needs, please let me know. The fact that all you ladies and gentlemen had come to the Yan Country to participate in the Spirit Battle Tournament, it is the Yan Country’s honour, and we would not want to be lacking in our hospitality for all of you.” Lei Chan exhorted politely.

The companions merely smiled and nodded, and Qiao Chu discreetly turned his body very slightly and whispered into Hua Yao’s ear: “Why do I feel that this Crown Prince is being a little too deferential and generous? A man of his position, isn’t he being a little excessively too polite?”

Hua Yao nodded slightly. If this had been before, it might still be understandable if Lei Chen was being so polite. But with the circumstances that the Zephyr Academy was in, with Lei Chen still being so courteous and polite, it might not look like anything is wrong on the surface, instead it would show that he still held them in high regard. But if you looked at it from another perspective, wouldn’t Lei Chen visit to the Immortals’ Loft here tonight be seen as a big slap to the Dragon Slayers Academy? The Yan Country had always enjoyed a good relationship with the top three academies and they had never played favourites. But Lei Chen’s actions tonight had instead displayed obvious signs of favouritism.

To be able to secure the seat of the Yan Country’s Crown Prince and win such great support from the people was not something that could be achieved by an average person. If they were told that Lei Chen did not have anything up his sleeves, they wouldn’t believe a word of it even if you killed them.

While Lei Chen continued chatting with Fan Jin, the corner of his eyes were secretly glancing at the silent and quiet Jun Xie in the corner. Earlier today at the auction house, his attention had been attracted by the handsome man next to Jun Wu Xie and he had not observed this delicate little youth carefully. Only after realising that his identity was extraordinary, had Lei Chen then wanted to scrutinise this youth a little more.

He had initially thought that the youth was delicately attractive looking, but he had not expected that upon closer inspection, he found on that delicate tiny face, there was a pair of alluring eyes that tugged at the soul. Cold and clear, as if isolated from all things on earth, but the eyes shone sparkling bright, as if one would feel a cooling sensation, whenever those eyes swept past you.

For a youth with such average looks, to possess a pair of eyes like that, it shocked Lei Chen quite a bit.

In order to not overtly reveal his underlying intentions, Lei Chen did not specially try to speak to Jun Xie, but would only mention Jun Xie in passing while chatting with Fan Jin, and he took note to mention all the others as well, without placing any emphasis on Jun Xie to prevent himself from being found out.

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