GDBBM – Chapter 773

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Chapter 773: “To Each Its Own (3)”

Jun Wu Xie’s demeanor really went beyond Lei Chen’s expectations. He had thought that since the kid had already voiced his acceptance of his invitation, that would also mean that the youth was also keen in getting closer to him. But after just saying a couple of words, the kid had suddenly lowered his head and became fully absorbed with his cat! !

The smile on Lei Chen’s face became a little awkward and Fan Jin had quickly detected Lei Chen’s discomfort and sudden awkwardness. He turned his head to look at the cold and distant Jun Wu Xie and suddenly felt a headache coming on.

Although he had known all this time that this Young Miss’ personality was not something the average person would find easy to accept, but Lei Chen here was at the very least the Crown Prince, and wouldn’t showing someone of his status and position such complete and total disregard in such a blatant fashion deeply embarrass him?

“Cough….. Jun Xie is still very young and is rather shy. I would implore Your Highness to forgive us.” Fan Jin knew at the back of his head that Jun Wu Xie would definitely have an ulterior motive behind her accepting Lei Chen’s invitation, but…..

[My dear Young Miss, this person is the Crown Prince for heaven’s sake! Even if you are not used to indulging in polite exchanges of formalities, can’t you at least say a word or two in acknowledgement? Just leaving Lei Chen’s words hanging ominously in the air might be just a tad bit overboard, won’t you agree?]

Having experienced the tumultuous incidents from before, Fan Jin had been forced to grow up quite a bit.

“Ah….. A shy personality.” Lei Chen said, rubbing at his chin, his half narrowed eyes glancing over Jun Xie’s face. The small face wouldn’t exactly be considered highly handsome, but could still be considered to be delicately attractive. Those looks wouldn’t be able to compare with the beautiful and alluring Fu Xuan, or the adorably sweet Qu Ling Yue in the slightest, but when that pair of cold distant eyes had swept past him earlier, Lei Chen had somehow felt his heart suddenly miss a beat, as if that one light and fleeting glance had gripped at his heart, causing his eyes to involuntarily glance briefly at that slender waist and those small delicate hands.

At that young age, it was still difficult to differentiate one’s body structure to be male or female and that tiny waist did not even seem like it would be able to stand up to a tight embrace from him.

“He sure is.” Fan Jin reaffirmed with a laugh.

“I might have been too forthcoming, I hope I had not frightened little brother Jun.” Lei Chen said with a smile.

Jun Wu Xie did not even lift her eyes in the slightest but Qiao Chu at the side cringed up with goosebumps running up his arms.

[What’s with him and his little brother Jun! ?] [This should be the first time the Crown Prince is meeting Little Xie isn’t it? What’s with this familiar form of address! ?]

Qiao Chu dared to swear then, that if Jun Wu Yao was there at that moment, this overly friendly Crown Prince would have suddenly found his head detached from his body by now!

Lei Chen did not think much of Jun Xie’s cold indifference. He chatted with Fan Jin for little while more and then stood up to leave. Before he left, he had even made it a point to bid Jun Xie with a word of farewell.


Jun Wu Xie continued to ignore him.

After everyone from the Crown Prince’s Residence had left, Fan Jin was finally able to heave a big sigh of relief before slumping back into his chair. He had just assumed the chair as the Headmaster and he was still rather lacking in dealing with such situations.

“Is there something wrong with this Crown Prince? He keeps calling Little Xie his little brother Jun throughout the entire night. He almost caused me to jump up with all the goosebumps he caused to run throughout my body!” Qiao Chu said, shivering uncontrollably as he rubbed at his arms furiously, his face twisted up in disgust.

Jun Wu Xie’s brows were creased together as well. Having always disliked meeting with strangers, she was feeling rather put off by Lei Chen’s overly friendly demeanor and self assumed affability.

“Erm….. Would all of you really be going to the Crown Prince’s Residence tomorrow?” Fan Jin asked cautiously. Judging from their reactions, he could clearly see that Lei Chen’s visit had not left any of them a positive impression but had instead disgusted them completely.

“Yes.” Jun Wu Xie said with a nod. “That thing is with him. Even if we intend to make our move after the Spirit Battle Tournament has concluded, we will first go scout out the place.”

Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes. The Yan Country was now gathered with too many people. Besides the elites from the various scores of academies, they were also many people from different powers across the lands. If they made a move against Lei Chen now and were discovered, Lei Chen would only need bring out his position as the Crown Prince of the Yan Country and raise a call to arms, to easily secure him the help and support of the masses of people from different powers in the Capital city. Without complete confidence in her chances of winning, Jun Wu Xie was not prepared to reveal her hand as yet.


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