GDBBM – Chapter 770

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Chapter 770: “The Crown Prince Arrives (1)”

That night, the companions did not continue to  be concerned about the matter. From their point of view, it did not matter whether the Crown Prince came or not, what they cared about were different from other people. So what if that was the Yan Country’s Crown Prince? If it wasn’t for the fact that he had the map, they couldn’t be bothered with him in the least and they had no intentions to win his favour at all.

It was dinnertime, and the innkeeper of the Immortals’ Loft had earlier ordered the kitchen to get themselves well prepared as people from the Crown Prince’s Residence had come earlier and they would naturally not dare to drag their feet on it. No matter whether the Crown Prince was coming, they must be fully prepared so as they would not drag down the Crown Prince’s hospitality.

Night fell and the lanterns were lit and lifted. The Yan Country’s Capital city was aglow with high hanging lights all over the place. Bunches of lanterns lit the sparkling city pushing back the darkness of night, bringing out another side of the beauty of the prosperous Capital city.

A horse carriage bearing the Crown Prince’s Residence banner drove down the long street, finally coming to a stop before the main doors of the Immortals’ Loft. Many disciples from other academies were leisurely roaming nearby and when they saw the horse carriage from the Crown Prince’s Residence stopping, they all peered at it inquisitively.

They had earlier heard that the Crown Prince had originally sent out a message to the Dragon Slayers Academy, that he would be making an official call on them at their premises, but the Crown Prince had received the Zephyr Academy’s invitation after. All the other people had found it laughable. What kind of situation was it at the Zephyr Academy now? Already in a state of decline, they still had the cheek to initiate an invitation for the Crown Prince to go pay them a visit? And coincidentally, the timing of their invitation had clashed with the Dragon Slayers Academy’s meeting with the Crown Prince.

Almost nobody had expected that the Crown Prince would accept the Zephyr Academy’s  invitation as the Zephyr Academy had already fallen into disrepute and they were not expected to have a single disciple in the top ten ranks in this year’s Spirit Battle Tournament. After the competition this year, the Zephyr Academy would be struck off from being one of the top three elite academies, so how could they possibly harbour hope that the Zephyr Academy would be able to stand against the high flying Dragon Slayers Academy?

Hence, when the horse carriage from the Crown Prince’s Residence had stopped before the doors of the Immortals’ Loft, all the youths who were outside suddenly found their jaws dropping with a loud clunk onto the ground!

The Crown Prince had actually turned up here!

That was just unbelievable!

Now that the Crown Prince’s Residence’s horse carriage was right before the Immortals’ Loft, it was believed that the Dragon Slayers Academy would receive the news very soon. Wasn’t this just a big tight slap to those people in the Dragon Slayers Academy! ?

All the people could not understand why Lei Chen had chosen to abandon and neglect the Dragon Slayers Academy but to respond to the weakened and now insignificant Zephyr Academy and they all stretched out their necks fully, carefully looking to see if the person coming out from the carriage is the Crown Prince, Lei Chen himself.

When Jun Wu Xie received the news, she was busy dealing with Lord Meh Meh’s wool on its body. The new coat of wool growing out from Lord Meh Meh’s skin was now fine and extremely curly, which tangled up very easily. Hence, Jun Wu Xie had another task daily for her to do….. to comb out Lord Meh Meh’s wool everyday!

Lying upon Jun Wu Xie’s lap, Lord Meh Meh was feeling so comfortable it had its eyes closed in joy, occasionally even letting out a gentle bleat or two.

“Little Xie, the horse carriage from the Crown Prince’s Residence has arrived.” Fan Zhuo said after knocking on Jun Wu Xie’s room door.

Jun Wu Xie paused in her actions a moment, and she put the comb down on the table. Fully immersed in his enjoyment of the attention, Lord Meh Meh found that it had been rudely interrupted as it found itself being carried down to the ground, its eyes fully aggrieved.

“Meh…..” It raised up it head and lifted a tiny hoof to scratch at Jun Wu Xie’s clothes, seemingly begging for more.

Jun Wu Xie bent down and rubbed the its soft and cuddly wool before saying patiently: “I’ll comb it tonight.”

“Meh…..” Lord Meh Meh was still feeling aggreived.

[Having been ugly for so long, and now that it was growing wool again that won it special treatment, it had suddenly been interrupted! Woe is “meh”!]

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