GDBBM – Chapter 769

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Chapter 769: “The Crown Prince’s Thoughts (3)”

“Little Xie! You’re back!” Qiao Chu stood up immediately when he saw Jun Wu Xie, waving his hand at her.

Jun Wu Xie cast a glance at Jun Wu Yao and she walked over to the others while Jun Wu Yao brought Ye Mei with him as he left, leaving Ye Sha behind to stand guard.

“Why has Big Brother Wu Yao left?” Qiao Chu had seen Jun Wu Xie come back with Jun Wu Yao but had seen Jun Wu Yao suddenly turn and left, leaving him thinking it a little strange.

“Things came up.” Jun Wu Xie replied simply.

“Oh yeah! We’ve got a fantastic piece of news! Do you want to hear it?” Qiao Chu said excitedly with a grin, blinking his eyes at Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Wu Xie glared at Qiao Chu and silver needles suddenly appeared between her fingers, its sharp silver points glinting coldly in the light, which made Qiao Chu shrink back in sudden fear.

“Cough….. No need to do this….. I’ll just tell it to you…..” Sheesh, Little Xie is really becoming more and more violent. I was just teasing her a little and she had immediately flashed her needles!

“Guards from the Yan Country came to inform us that the Crown Prince will be coming here tonight.”

Jun Wu Xie raised an eyebrow slightly. Their aim coming here to the Yan Country was to meet the Yan Country’s Crown Prince and retrieve the fourth map from him. She had not expected that in less than a day, the sheep would come knocking to its own slaughter.

“That’s strange, my sources had told me that the Crown Prince is going to the Dragon Slayers Academy tonight.” Fei Yan said, his chin propped in his palm. When he came back, he had just happened to hear the guards who were here to pass them the message, which did not coincide with the information he had received.

“Did someone get the information wrong?” Qiao Chu asked, scratching at his head. The Yan Country’s Crown Prince had always been organized and dependable and for him to have committed such a faux paus, it was thought to be rather uncharacteristic of the Crown Prince.

The situation at the Zephyr Academy was not like before and the Dragon Slayers Academy had been on equal standing with the Zephyr Academy when it was at its peak of glory. With both academies receiving the notice of the Crown Prince’s arrival tonight, it did not matter where the Crown Prince went, it would surely embarrass the party that was left out. With all the academies gathered together and living in such close quarters, the slightest news of any incident would immediately spread. If this matter of having been notified but finally not showing up really happened, it would be no different from having been publicly slapped across the face.

“The people who came were indeed people from the Crown Prince’s Residence and when they were here earlier, quite a number of people saw them and their words must have been heard by others as well. But, their words did not match the information Fei Yan had gathered which I can’t help feel is rather strange.

The Zephyr Academy and the Dragon Slayers Academy were no longer on equal standing and logically, the discerning eye would be able to know that meeting with the Dragon Slayers Academy would bring the Crown Prince a bigger benefit. But the Crown Prince had instead first sent news to the Dragon Slayers Academy and informed the Zephyr Academy after that. This would only keep the people all guessing.

“There’s no need to think too much on it. We’ll just deal with it as it comes.” Rong Ruo said with a slight smile.

“Little Ruo is right. If the Crown Prince comes here, we can take the opportunity to try to find some clues from him and we will not need to be so courteous to him when we take the map from him in future.” Qiao Chu said, shrugging helplessly. His brain was not capable of figuring out all these schemes and intrigue, and since even Hua Yao and the others were not able to figure out the Crown Prince’s intentions, he had naturally not wanted to rack his brains for nothing.

“What does Little Xie think?” Fan Zhuo raised his eyes and looked at Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Wu Xie said: “We’ll wait and see first.” She could not be sure why the Crown Prince would suddenly decide to see them and in Lei Chen’s position, intentionally driving a rift between the two academies would not yield him any benefits. Moreover, the Yan Country’s Crown Prince was known to be a rather fair and friendly person, so this sudden uncharacteristic change in decision baffled many of his real intentions.

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