GDBBM – Chapter 76

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Chapter 76: “Spiritual Energy”

In order for Mo Xuan Fei’s shadow to disappear from Jun Wu Xie’s life, both Jun Xian and Jun Qing decided not to say anything.

Jun Wu Xie was oblivious to the conclusions that were revolved around her. She would never have thought just a mere wine would make all sorts of conclusions run wild. In the eyes of others, she had already been paired together with Mo Qian Yuan.

Since she finally managed to get her hands on some Jade Nectar, she couldn’t wait to start and quickly went back to her room. As soon as she entered her room and closed the doors, she immediately called Little Lotus out.

A small barefooted Little Lotus appeared as he quickly hobbled to the table as he stared at the bottle of wine. He was greedily looking at it with some drool dangling at the side of his mouth. His eyes were bright as he took in a deep breath.

“Ahhhh…smells nice…” Little Lotus looked at the wine that was poured out as he gulped several times, eyes fixated onto the beautiful sparkling liquid being poured out as his tiny hands reached out.

Jun Wu Xie looked over at the eager Little Lotus with his sparkly eyes, “You can also use this to grow?”

Little Lotus hesitated for a small moment before he gulped and fervently shook his head.

Jun Wu Xie glared at him and he immediately retracted his small hands.

After using it on herself and her family and putting aside one lotus seed for Mo Qian Yuan, Jun Wu Xie was only left with one lotus seed as she casually rolled it about in her palms as she took a shallow ceramic basin that was suitable for growing lotuses. She gently poured the Jade Nectar into it as the fragrance filled the air, even with a single whiff, it could make one gulp down involuntarily as the liquid entered the basin and gentle ripples formed.

Little Lotus continued to stare intently at her actions with his mouth half opened, as drool dribbled down the side of his mouth.

Little black cat was lying on the table, leaning against the lotus basin as it slowly licked its paws, intentionally exposed its sharp claws as it stared at Little Lotus with a glint in its eye.

Little Lotus immediately shrank back, as he quickly wiped off the drool with one hand.

According to the book, to cultivate the snow lotus, one had to pay attention to the temperature and to cultivate the snow lotus, the optimal temperature of the Jade Nectar’s temperature had to be cool. Jun Wu Xie cautiously checked the temperature as she dipped her fingertip in, after which she placed the lotus seed in.

As soon as the lotus seed was placed in the Jade Nectar, a fusion of lotus and wine fragrance permeated the air and soon the wondrous fragrance filled the whole room.

Little Lotus’s face was flushed just from the smell as his eyes sparkled more.

Jun Wu Xie stared at the lotus seed in the wine for a long time but found that it did not have any further reaction, except for the fragrance that was getting richer by each moment. Despite her sensitive sense of smell, she found that this fragrance did not make her feel uncomfortable but rather it was very invigorating and refreshing. She felt as if she was being cleansed thoroughly and felt as though she was soaking in a hot spring as all her tension and stress melted away.

This also washed away all the apprehension she had held for this cultivation method as she felt her heart felt peaceful and calm.

Although she did not know what spiritual energy was, under this fragrance, she could clearly feel a warm wave of air flowing into her meridians.

Could this be the spiritual energy of this world?

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes sparkled as she sat by the table, enjoying this moment as she breathed calmly.

Although the materials were hard to find, the effects were way too effective!

However, she did not know if this jug of Jade Nectar was sufficient to develop this seed. Mo Qian Yuan had only a few more barrels left, if it was consumed too quickly, she really did not know where else could she find a new supply.

The probability to find more in the Kingdom of Qi was close to zero.

The first time absorbing spiritual energy was an indescribable feeling, somewhat warm yet as if there was something soft embracing her at the same time as it slowly fused together with her body. She gently closed her eyes.

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