GDBBM – Chapter 768

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Chapter 768: “The Crown Prince’s Thoughts (2)”

“A disciple of the Spirit Healer faculty? And he even had the ability to improve the Spirit Healing Technique at that! ? Ha ha ha! Isn’t this Jun Xie just heavensent, his biggest gift to me?” Lei Chen could not hide the endless excitement in his eyes. Although the Zephyr Academy itself was already spiraling down in decline, but their Spirit Healer faculty was still attracting many pairs of eyes filled with jealousy and envy. The Crown Prince had initially planned to wait till the Zephyr Academy fell into complete despondency before extending to Gu Li Sheng an olive branch. But now, a disciple who was able to stand on par with Gu Li Sheng named Jun Xie had suddenly appeared right before him!

Staring at Jun Xie’s portrait, Lei Chen was immediately reminded of today’s events at the Flame Spirit Auction House where he had seen the same youth sitting right beside Jun Wu Yao. He had not paid the youth much attention at that time, all his thoughts were focused onto Jun Wu Yao then. But he had never expected that that unremarkable looking youth was actually so accomplished!

“The fact that the Zephyr Academy had even sent out a disciple like Jun Xie here this year is just laughable. When Fan Qi was around, the Zephyr Academy had never dared to allow their Spirit Healing faculty disciples come into the limelight, deeply afraid that they would be stolen from them. Seems like Fan Qi is still green afterall, not realising that fact and has sent out a disciple like Jun Xie who is so highly proficient in the Spirit Healing Technique to show up here, not knowing how big a loss that would cost him.” Lei Chen’s words were filled with regret, but his tone was highly mocking and filled with scorn, his eyes burning with joy.

“What is Your Highness intending to do?” The guard asked.

“Intend?” Lei Chen smiled and asked. “Since Fan Jin is so moronic to deliver such a fantastic opportunity into my hands, how can I make myself reject him? Convey my orders. Tonight, I will be going to the Immortals’ Loft, to welcome the entourage from the Zephyr Academy.”

The guard was taken aback and he said: “But Your Highness has already informed the Dragon Slayers Academy that you would be visiting them tonight. With such a last minute change like your, I’m afraid…..”

Lei Chen raised a hand, to stop the guard from continuing.

“I’ll go where I want to go. You will only need to inform the Dragon Slayers Academy that it was the people from the Zephyr Academy who had extended the invitation to me and that will do.”

The guard was frozen in place for awhile before he understood what Lei Chen was planning.

The Zephyr Academy and the Dragon Slayers Academy were always at loggerheads and with the Zephyr Academy’s sudden decline, if they were perceived to have unilaterally invited Lei Chen to visit them, stealing the slot allocated to the Dragon Slayers Academy, the Dragon Slayers Academy would be too happy about it.

The Zephyr Academy was already in imminent danger in this year’s Spirit Battle Tournament and if they got themselves embroiled into another unwelcome incident, the next one month in the Yan Country’s Capital city would most definitely not be an easy period for them!

“Your subordinate understands. I will carry it out at once.” The guard left quickly.

Lei Chen’s eyes flashed with chilling malice at that moment.

Jun Wu Yao’s extravagant bid successfully won him the Blood Lotus and no one in the entire auction house could top him, when the Blood Lotus was finally sold to him without any objections. After the auction concluded, Jun Wu Yao personally went to receive the Blood Lotus and handed it into Jun Wu Xie’s hands before the two of them stepped into the slanting pink rays of dusk, to return back to the inn.

By the time they got back, Qiao Chu and the others had returned and they were seated in the hall on the second level chatting quietly.

Jun Wu Yao and Jun Wu Xie had just come up on the second level when Ye Sha and Ye Mei who were standing guard at the top of the stairs suddenly went up to them. They whispered something to Jun Wu Yao and Jun Wu Yao’s eyes narrowed slightly, a cold chill brewing in his eyes.

“Little Xie, you should go have some rest. I have something I need to take care off and I will be back in a few days.” When Jun Wu Yao turned to look at Jun Wu Xie, the cold chill in his eyes had completely disappeared.

Jun Wu Xie nodded. Towards Jun Wu Yao’s occasional “disappearances”, she was already rather used to it. Instead, when he was around all the time, it made her feel rather surprised instead.



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