GDBBM – Chapter 767

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Chapter 767: “The Crown Prince’s Thoughts (1)”

In the private room on the second level, Fu Xuan was coquettishly adjusting her clothes as she stared at Lei Chen smiling sinisterly, his gaze attracted towards the good looking man on the first floor who had made such an astoundingly high bid.

“All other things aside, although the Zephyr Academy are on a decline, they still have a lot of money on their hands, so Little Xuan would not be getting the short end of the stick.” Lei Chen raised his hand and twirled Fu Xuan’s hair that was cool to the touch around his finger, as he spoke, with a strong hint in his words.

Fu Xuan turned her eyes back, pretending to be angry as she gently pushed Lei Chen on the chest.

“How heartless can you be? How can you be so quick in shoving me onto others? If you make me angry, I might be very well decide to speak ill of you before Ling Yue.”

Lei Chen laughed but did not say anything much. But the corners of his eyes were still subconsciously drawn to the two people on the first level. Although the Zephyr Academy had held great power, but that amount of money was nevertheless not possible for a mere teacher to hold. This was already beyond pure extravagance. Throwing out a whopping ten million at one go, that man’s generosity had well exceeded all his expectations and this sudden display had sparked a sudden interest in Lei Chen for the Zephyr Academy who had fallen into decline. As he was leaving the private room, he immediately ordered his men to go investigate deeper into the ten men entourage of the Zephyr Academy.

Not long after he returned back to the Crown Prince Residence, that information was compiled and delivered right into Lei Chen’s hands.

“Ha! The Zephyr Academy has really fallen into dire straits! They are actually sending four disciples that they had just promoted up from their branch division to take part in the Spirit Battle Competition! ?” Lei Chen looked at the names on the list in his hand with their personal information. Hua Yao, Qiao Chu, Fei Yan, and Rong Ruo. His mouth curled up in a mocking smile and when he saw Fei Yan’s portrait, a strange glint seemed to flash across his eyes.

Judging just from the information given to him, the four of them seemed to just be average and common disciples. They were disciples originally in the Zephyr Academy’s branch division and they had excelled in last year’s promotion selections at the end of last year, winning them a promotion to be admitted into the main division. But no matter how exemplary their powers might have been in the branch division, the branch division was afterall still the branch division, and their powers cannot be compared to disciples who had been in the main division from the start.

Setting the stack of data compiled on the four disciples aside, Lei Chen flipped through the information on the Fan Brothers. He barely took just a perfunctory glance at them before he threw them to the side. But the stack marked with the three characters, Jun Wu Yao, greatly interested him.

On the entire piece of parchment, there was only one short sentence written on it, saying that Jun Wu Yao was a new teacher hired by the Zephyr Academy. Besides his name and his position as a teacher with the Zephyr Academy, his subordinates had unbelievably been unable to find out anything else about the man. That greatly intrigued Lei Chen and as the Crown Prince of the Yan Country, he had complete trust in the abilities of his men. And it was this very group of men that had not been able to find out anything about the man’s history and this was something really strange indeed.

But before Lei Chen had been able to think deeper into the strange circumstances surrounding Jun Wu Yao, his eyes were suddenly sucked into the last stack of data before him him!

He quickly picked up the stack of parchment and scrutinised it carefully, and his eyes widened with shock and astonishment.

“This Jun Xie, is really capable of all this?” Lei Chen held the piece of parchment that detailed Jun Xie’s accomplishments and he turned to look at his personal guard standing behind him.

The man nodded. “When your subordinate discovered all of that, I was rather surprised myself. But Jun Xie was a rather famous figure in the Zephyr Academy and Gu Li Sheng had once in the Zephyr Academy openly revealed this person’s identity and personally acknowledged his abilities. All of this was widely known throughout the entire Zephyr Academy and so the information should be true.”

The shock in Lei Chen’s eyes was suddenly replaced by a wave of ecstatic joy and he laughed out loudly.

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