GDBBM – Chapter 766

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Chapter 766: “The Real Rich (1)”

Jun Wu Xie looked quizzically at Jun Wu Yao.

Jun Wu Yao just smiled and gazed at her, as if throughout heaven and earth, nothing else but her was worth his attention.

“No need to do this.” Although Jun Wu Xie did not really understand the concept of money, but she was aware that Jun Wu Yao’s astronomically high bid, was far way beyond the price of a Blood Lotus.

With the last bid halting at four million and eight hundred thousand taels, and immediately raising it to ten million, that was no longer a bidding war, it was purely crushing all competition.

After that short moment of absolute silence in the auction hall, the entire auction house’s roof was almost torn off when a sudden deafening cheer rocked the entire building! Everyone’s head was turned, all looking at the maniacal bidder and unbelievably handsome looking man!

The auctioneer on stage was still stunned. He had never dreamt that the stem of Blood Lotus would reach such an astounding price.

Ten million…..

That was record breaking price never before achieved in the long history of the Flame Spirit Auction House. And that price was for just a single Blood Lotus…..

Besides maniacal, no one there could find a better word to describe that man’s bid.

Jun Wu Yao looked at Jun Wu Xie’s astonished little face and a tinge delight sparkled within his smiling eyes. The corners of his lips lifted and his words were filled with amusement: “Since Little Xie wanted it, then there is no need to haggle any longer.” Instead of competing for it bit by bit, why not just push the price up to a level that no one else would be able to afford at one go? Jun Wu Yao did not have the slightest inclination to waste his breath with people at the auction and all that mattered to him was that Jun Wu Xie wanted it, so he got it, to be able to present it before her.

Jun Wu Xie blinked her eyes. “Too high.”

She was just trying to calculate for the sum of ten million taels, just how much elixirs would she need to give in exchange. Although she wasn’t too good with money, but she was still at least able to calculate it based on elixirs.

“Not high at all.” Jun Wu Yao was still smiling.

Jun Wu Xie had almost never asked anything of him. With the little lass’ cold and distant personality, he had never been able to guess what kind of things would interest her. With the elixir stove and the Blood Lotus today, these were the only two items Jun Wu Yao had been able to see that she needed.

If this was another girl here, the common gold, silver, jewels, bolts of silk and fabric would easily win her heart. But with Jun Wu Xie’s personality, even if he filled her room with all those common material things, she would only end up finding those things to be in her way and would not be thankful in the least.

Jun Wu Xie bit on her lip a moment and took out an elixir bottle from within her clothes, before quickly shoving it intimate Jun Wu Yao’s arms.

Even for her big brother, she would not allow herself to get used to accepting gifts for nothing.

Jun Wu Yao raised an eyebrow quizzically as he looked at Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Wu Xie said to him: “This is the elixir I just cultivated. It can keep you alive.”

That elixir was cultivated back in the little bamboo grove about a month ago. She had almost depleted her entire stock of medicinal herbs and had only managed to cultivate just one. That elixir’s cultivation process was extremely complicated and even for her, she had only successfully cultivated just one elixir. But that one single elixir, was capable of defying the Heavens and change one’s fate. As long one breath remained, it would be able to bring that person back to life. That was what Jun Wu Xie had cultivated for herself, her final hope. Even when she found that she did not have enough money earlier, she had still not once thought of using this elixir in exchange.

But in this instance, the person was Jun Wu Yao, and she had no absolutely no qualms in giving the precious treasure to him.

Jun Wu Yao’s first thought had been to reject it, but he changed his mind after thinking about it, and he accepted it with a big smile.

“Since it’s a gift from you, I will definitely keep it well.”

From another perspective, this elixir had become the first item he had received from Jun Wu Xie and it was the one and only “present”. No matter whether the item was good or bad, he would happily keep it well.

And it was something she had made with her own hands, and gifted it to him personally.

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