GDBBM – Chapter 765

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Chapter 765: “Flame Spirit Auction House (8)”

Jun Wu Xie’s reaction was barely noticeable and her emotions only showed in her eyes a tinge. But that tiny change that came over her, had not been missed in the slightest by Jun Wu Yao at her side.

Seeing the clear cold eyes clouded by a tinge of helplessness, Jun Wu Yao’s brows lifted slightly.

In those clear eyes of his little darling, he had never once seen this emotion that should only show on “normal people”.

“What is it?” Jun Wu Yao asked softly, turning slightly towards her and lowering his head to gently speak.

His warm breath brushed past her ear and Jun Wu Xie felt a tickle in her neck from the warm rush of air. She lifted her head and looked right into Jun Wu Yao’s half narrowed eyes looking questioningly at her.

The close proximity allowed Jun Wu Xie to see herself clearly reflected in Jun Wu Yao’s jet black eyes.

“Nothing.” Jun Wu Xie shook her head, but in her mind, she was contemplating just what she needed to do before she would be able to get the Blood Lotus. If she did not have enough money….. She wondered if she would be able to use elixirs to trade for it.

Jun Wu Xie was still rather confident with the quality of the elixirs she had with her and she had everything all planned out. As the final price of the Blood Lotus would be more than all the money she had on her, she would remember the person who won the Blood Lotus at the end of the auction, and go deal with the person privately after.

People here only knew the same few uses for Blood Lotuses, if it wasn’t for the fact that the elixir for Yan Bu Gui specifically needed the Blood Lotus, she had many types of elixirs that would be able to replace it, and the effects they brought were far better than what the Blood Lotus alone would give.

Jun Wu Yao saw that something obviously was not right and Jun Wu Xie was adamantly claiming otherwise. His gaze shifted slightly and swept across the bright scarlet Blood Lotus on the stage.

“Little Xie wants that?”

Jun Wu Xie was focused on calculating how she would be able to take out to trade with the winning bidder when she heard Jun Wu Yao’s question and she nodded distractedly.

Jun Wu Yao smiled slightly and he straightened himself up in his seat.

When the bidding finally reached four million and eight hundred thousand taels, a long period of void appeared where the bids stopped coming in. Four million and eight hundred thousand taels, that was no meager sum to anyone. That amount of money would be beyond what a regular rich merchant could afford to pay and it was noticed even a few of the famously wealthy merchants of the Yan Country had already withdrawn from the bidding.

Just as everyone in the hall were all thinking that the Blood Lotus would be sold at the price of four million eight hundred thousand taels, a deep and highly magnetic voice suddenly sounded within the wide hall.

“Ten million.”

That was a voice highly pleasing to the ears. It had not been loud, but its words resounded clearly in every single person’s ears.

The loud and rancorous auction house went completely quiet…..

[Ten million taels?] [What kind of an inconceivable figure was that! ! ?]

Even for a select group of people in the hall who were positively overflowing with wealth had turned pale upon hearing such an astronomical figure.

[That was just too goddamned maniacal!] [The last bid for the Blood Lotus had only been over four million taels and this man had actually pushed it up to an unbelievable ten million! ?] [Doubled and even rounded up!]

Every single pair of eyes turned without exception to search for the source of that voice, even Jun Wu Xie who had had her head lowered deep in thought suddenly looked up when she heard the ten million taels bid as only one single thought went through her mind.

She was going to have to part with a lot of her elixirs.

However, Jun Wu Xie quickly noticed that something did not seem right. In utter shock, she suddenly remembered that when she had heard those two simple words, they had sounded out almost right beside her ears, and she had found that voice so very familiar!

She turned her head up quickly, and she saw Jun Wu Yao’s hand raised slightly, his head turned slightly towards her and he was looking smilingly at her.

In the Flame Spirit Auction House, bidders were required to raise their right hands when they made their bids, to show that they are the ones making their bids…..


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