GDBBM – Chapter 764

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Chapter 764: “Flame Spirit Auction House (7)”

The Flame Spirit Auction House really lived up to its name as the Yan Country’s biggest auction house. Rare and precious treasures were brought out for auction one after another, and the various bidders fought and competed furiously, the entire hall boisterous and loud.

Jun Wu Xie showed a lack of interest towards all those items till finally, after a long and dull wait, she finally saw something she needed.

A stem of Blood Lotus had been brought up onto the stage. Its scarlet red petals looked as if the entire bloom had been dipped in blood. And that was how the flower got its name, its colour exactly like fresh red blood. Blood Lotuses had blood enriching and spirit calming effects and it was a herb that was very rarely seen. Blood Lotuses were so precious that Jun Wu Xie had only seen corresponding descriptions of them in medical books and had never seen one with her eyes.

The Blood Lotus was one type of herb that was absolutely necessary for elixir that Yan Bu Gui needed. After waiting for half a day, she finally found something that was worth the wait.

Due to its high rarity, the price for a Blood Lotus was exorbitant with its starting bid already at a hundred thousand taels. Moreover, the Yan Country’s Imperial Capital was completely different from Chan Lin Town. The number of rich and prosperous tycoons here was not what the tiny Chan Lin Town could hope to compare with!

The bidding for the Blood Lotus had just been opened to the floor when in a quick blink, a fierce bidding war quickly broke out. In just a few short minutes, the initial starting price of one hundred thousand taels for the Blood Lotus had rocketed to eight hundred thousand, and the heat was still increasing, not showing any signs of abating in the slightest!

The Blood Lotus regardless whether it was double boiled on its own to be taken directly, or used to cultivate into an elixir, would yield extremely good effects. With the Yan Country being the most prosperous country, its local citizens were so ridiculously rich they made others gasp in amazement. When presented with such a rare and nourishing treasure before their eyes, the abundantly wealthy among the crowd suddenly could not stay in their seats, refusing to give in to one another, throwing out their money like mud, pushing the price of the Blood Lotus from one pinnacle into another!

Jun Wu Xie still had not moved. She knew that even if she were to place a bid now, she would just be quickly overridden. She decided to wait till bidding war calmed down before she would place her own bid.

However, as the price of the Blood Lotus continued to shoot up, Jun Wu Xie’s brow started to crease up.

All the money on her, were earned back at the Chan Lin Auction House previously. Although it wasn’t a small sum, it wouldn’t be able to hold out under such frenzied bidding. When the Blood Lotus’ price reached three million taels, Jun Wu Xie gave up on her intention of making any bids.

Three million taels, it had already gone beyond anything she was able to take on. All the banknotes she had on her only totalled three million taels and the price was still continuing to rise although the rate it was increasing at has slowed down quite a bit. But even if it only increased by a million taels, it would still be way beyond what Jun Wu Xie could afford.

In the Chan Lin Auction House before, the items auctioned off had mostly closed at below a million taels. Jun Wu Xie had never possessed a good grasp of the concept of money in the first place and the only time she had had a chance to deal with money had been in Chan Lin Town and the prices at the Flame Spirit Auction House was not something the Chan Lin Auction House could come close to.

Caught completely off guard at the Flame Spirit Auction House, Jun Wu Xie could only look on helplessly as the Blood Lotus’ ownership was put under fierce contest and there wasn’t a thing she could do.

The Blood Lotus was extremely important to Yan Bu Gui. If it had been Jun Wu Xie herself who needed it, she wouldn’t be feeling so depressed about it, but if she missed out on this stem of Blood Lotus this time, she didn’t know how long she would have to wait before finding another one.

It must be known that in the close to one year since she had been reborn, taking into account all that had happened, she had never seen the slightest sign of a Blood Lotus anywhere. And seeing the price of the Blood Lotus still climbing incessantly, it only further proved just how rare and precious it really was.

Jun Wu Xie bit on her lip, her eyes showing a rare moment of frustration.

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