GDBBM – Chapter 763

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Chapter 763: “Flame Spirit Auction House (6)”

“Six people?” Qu Ling Yue asked, her eyes wide, thinking that was a number that was just unbelievable.

No matter which academy it was, they all wanted to fill as many candidates as they could to take part in the Spirit Battle Tournament. Never had they ever heard that an academy had shown up with less than ten participants for the event. The situation with the Zephyr Academy was completely unheard of, not in the history of the tournament!

Lei Chen nodded. “The incident at the Zephyr Academy at the end of last year was too big, and it had caused a huge outflow of disciples and teachers. I saw the namelist submitted by the Zephyr Academy for the Spirit Battle Tournament. All six of them were unfamiliar to me and I have never heard of them before. I only person I know from that namelist will only be Fan Jin’s brother, Fan Zhuo.”

“That can’t be….. That chronically sick invalid is actually taking part in this year’s competition?” They youth who had remained quiet at the side all this while interjected in shock when he heard Fan Zhuo’s name being mentioned, looking like he had just seen a ghost.

Lei Chen replied with a laugh: “That’s right. Everyone knows that Fan Zhuo had always been frail and sickly. But whatever the case is, it seems that even he had been forced to come this year. It goes to see that the Zephyr Academy had thrown in everything they had just to take part in this year’s Spirit Battle Tournament, and I’m afraid these six candidates are the best they could scrape together after pushing themselves to their limits.”

The youth clicked his tongue and said: “I don’t think the Zephyr Academy are intending to fight for any ranks this year. No….. To put it more accurately, they do not possess the capabilities to fight at all. I am thinking that it will not be much longer before the Zephyr Academy would be struck off from being one of the top three elite academies.” As he spoke, the youth was observing Qu Ling Yue’s expression and he deliberately said: “The good teachers who were previously in the Zephyr Academy would have all left and those that remain will only be those who do not possess much capabilities. Looking at him, I do not think that that man is that much older than us, so how talented can he be? I think Senior Fu is right, no matter how good looking one can be, it is still just the outer shell. Without capabilities, he will only be an idiot.”

Qu Ling Yue glared at the youth and then pouted before turning away, refusing to speak to him.

Seeing that Qu Ling Yue was ignoring him, the youth had no choice but to sit down to sulk in a corner.

It was Fu Xuan who noticed it and she shot a look at the smiling Lei Chen out of the corner of her eyes before saying smilingly: “Ling Yue, you shouldn’t get so uptight because of a nerd from the Zephyr Academy you know? Don’t tell me you have really been hooked? You must realise that even if you really like him, with the man’s identity, your father wouldn’t allow both of you to be together anyway.”

“Senior Fu! What are you saying! ? I was only….. I was only thinking that he is very good looking and was just admiring those good looks and that’s all! I don’t want to talk about it anymore! I….. I need to go back already!” Qu Ling Yue’s face turned red as a beetroot and she ran off in a hurry.

Fu Xuan glanced at the youth staring blankly on the other side of the room and she said: “Leaving Ling Yue to go back on her own might be a little dangerous. You should go accompany her.”

The youth nodded immediately and left.

In the private room, only Lei Chen and Fu Xuan were left.

“An idiot? I am thinking that the man’s looks would really suit my Junior Fu’s taste, wouldn’t it?” Lei Chen suddenly walked over to come sit down beside Fu Xuan, the smile on his face just as affable. But his hands, however, disrespectfully slipped onto Fu Xuan’s shoulders and pulled her into an intimate embrace.

Fu Xuan resisted halfheartedly as she fell into Lei Chen’s arms and she cast him a coy glance before raising a finger and poking it onto Lei Chen’s chest.

“Does his looks really suit my taste, or is it you who wishes for his looks to suit my palate? Why? You saw Ling Yue having some thoughts towards the man and you are jealous?”

Lei Chen smiled and said: “Little Xuan knows me best, I think you should know what to do then.”

Fu Xuan glanced up at Lei Chen and she laughed coquettishly before laying her head on his chest.

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