GDBBM – Chapter 760

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Chapter 760: “Flame Spirit Auction House (3)”

The man standing next to Jun Wu Xie, Jun Wu Yao!

Jun Wu Yao was dressed in very ordinary clothes, in full black, plain and simple in design, without a single ornamental or decorative aspect on it. But just that one flawlessly handsome face had been more than enough to draw all eyes to turn towards him. Throughout their entire journey, his tall graceful figure had mesmerizingly fleeted past, having captured and imprisoned an uncountable number of ladies’ hearts. The bolder ones among them had even tailed the two people and come to the Flame Spirit Auction House. When they saw Jun Wu Yao going into the premises, all of them had rushed to follow after even though they had absolutely no interest in any of the auctions.

With such a blindingly bright and prominent entity at her side, it was arduously difficult for Jun Wu Xie to remain unnoticed. As a girl, she had crossdressed as a boy for convenience, but as she was very petite in size, and with someone having happily cradling her tightly within his arm the entire way, one really couldn’t be sure of her gender. If they didn’t look closely at the clothes she was wearing to ascertain that she was actually “male”, she would have been insufferably cursed so badly by the train of ladies trailing closely behind them.

After confirming Jun Wu Xie’s “gender”, some of them who were a little concerned with his gender orientation quickly justified it themselves in a great show of magnanimity. They not only convinced themselves that there was absolutely nothing inappropriate in Jun Wu Yao holding a young male youth so tightly but told themselves that he was just being extraordinarily gentle and considerate, protecting his weak and frail little companion in the crowded sea of people.

Outrageously good looking, gentle and considerate. With that intoxicating smile playing across his lips, Jun Wu Yao immediately sent the gaggle of ladies swooning in rapture, unable to take their eyes off him.

It was only after Jun Wu Xie went into the auction house with Jun Wu Yao that she realised just how vast the place really was. On the ground level, the several hundred seats seemed to be all filled. And while the private rooms on the second level looked slightly similar to the ones back at Chan Lin Auction House, the number and sheer size of them surprised her. Looking up from the ground floor, it was clear that all the private rooms on the second level was fully taken up as well.

Jun Wu Xie and Jun Wu Yao managed to find seats for themselves right at the furthest corner of the hall.

As Jun Wu Yao settled into his seat, many sets of eyes from the ladies locked onto him at the same time. Their gazes were pretentiously coy as they secretly peeked over in the direction of the unparalleled and fabulously handsome man, and if it was not for the societal norm that proper ladies should practice necessary self restraint, they would have all swarmed over him and tried to chat him up.

However, despite having become the focal point of the mass of ladies, Jun Wu Yao seemed to be completely oblivious. The only reaction his deep pair of eyes showed was only the slightest narrowing of the eyes as he accompanied Jun Wu Xie for the auction.

If Jun Wu Xie had wanted any other treasure, he could very well have ordered someone to get it for her, but when it came to herbs, he really haven’t much of an idea about them or he wouldn’t have allowed her to even need to patronise such a noisy and boisterous place like this. Just seeing the darkened expression on that tiny face, Jun Wu Yao knew that she did not like the crowded and squeezy environment and he subconsciously use his tall frame to block out as much of the noisy clamour around them as possible from her.

At that moment, the auctioneer on stage was carrying out an auction for a precious and beautiful piece of jade. That was always a well loved item of the ladies but all the eyes of the ladies in the hall were instead focused onto another certain spot which suddenly caused the item that should have people fighting to bid for to lose its expected attention.

When Jun Wu Xie saw that the item on stage was not what she seeked, she immediately lowered her eyes and went through the list of herbs that she needed for the elixir in her mind.

In one of the private rooms on the second level, a young girl sitting by the window had initially been bidding for the beautiful piece of jade on stage when that she had suddenly spotted that astounding figure fleeting past out of the corner of her eyes. She was stunned a moment before she turned her head to look down onto the first level.


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