GDBBM – Chapter 761

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Chapter 761: “Flame Spirit Auction House (4)”

“What a unbelievably handsome man!” The pretty girl exclaimed with a sigh at the sight of the incredible attractiveness.

The youth sitting beside her frowned suddenly as he followed the girl’s gaze and saw the handsome man sitting in a corner.

“Ling Yue, just a person like that can catch your eye?” The youth’s voice sounded like he was a little jealous, but his expression was a mask of disdain.

Qi Ling Yue glanced at the youth and she raised an eyebrow as she challenged by asking: “There’s nothing wrong with my eyes. Can’t you see that all the eyes of the females are all staring at that man?”

The youth sulked and turned his head to look towards another girl. The girl was sitting straight backed on her chair, her chin slightly raised. Her beauteous looks when compared to Qu Ling Yue’s pretty face, was an additional acute sharp chill, that made people not dare to get near her.

“Our Senior Fu did not even look at him. Who said he was good looking?” The youth retorted.

Qu Ling Yue glared at the youth and she got up to cross over to Fu Xian who had been sitting silently on one side. “Senior Fu, can you take a look at the man and tell me whether he looks very attractive?”

Fu Xuan’s eyes lifted and turned to look out in the direction where Qu Ling Yue’s finger was pointing. That one glance caused a ripple within her calm eyes, like something had caused her heart to jump in shock!

“Isn’t he just too good looking?” Qu Ling Yue could not help but ask when she did not get a reply.

Fu Xuan only recovered half a beat later and she nodded slightly.

Qu Ling Yue immediately turned to look triumphantly at the youth who was sitting at the side in indignant anger.

“I didn’t think that such a attractive looking man existed in this world. Senior Fu, tell me who do you think looks better when you compare that man with the Grand Adviser, Wen Yu, who is widely acclaimed most beautiful man in the Yan Country?” Qu Ling Yue ignored the youth and turned to audaciously ask Fu Xuan, who had approved of her standards in the appreciation of aesthetics.

Fu Xuan was just about to open her mouth in reply when the door to the private room on the second level was suddenly opened.

They saw a lavishly dressed and good looking young man, the corners of his mouth lifted in a faint smile, standing at the door. Even his eyes were tinged with that same smile and though it wasn’t too obvious, that made him seem rather approachable.

“The Grand Adviser doesn’t like people discussing about his looks you know? Qu Ling Yue, if your words fall into the ears of the Grand Adviser, he isn’t going to be too happy about it.” The good looking young man walked into the room with a smile, his twinkling eyes slowly falling on the figure of Fu Xuan a fleeting moment, before they turned away.

“Your Highness!” When the youth in the room saw the young man, he immediately came forward to offer his greeting with a knee on the ground.

The man who had just appeared in the room was the Crown Prince of the Yan Country, Lei Chen!

Qu Ling Yue’ face showed sudden surprise, but there wasn’t a tinge of panic as she glared at Lei Chen to say: “I’m sure Your Highness will not repeat a single word I said earlier to the Grand Adviser right?”

Lei Chen grinned and nodded.

“Naturally. I wouldn’t want the Grand Adviser to know that my little junior fellow disciple was using his looks to compare with another man, or he would surely blame me for not having taught my juniors well.”

Qu Ling Yue grinned mischievously at him.

Everyone in the Yan Country knew, that the Crown Prince Lei Chen had previously been schooling at the War Banner Academy for a time and the three youths in the private room were actually members from the team representing the War Banner Academy for this year’s Spirit Battle Tournament. The Crown Prince had completed his studies and returned a few years ago and although he was no longer a part of the War Banner Academy, he would still make a trip to the academy to pay respects to his previous Masters every year, and that was how he got so well acquainted with Qu Ling Yue and the others from the War Banner Academy.

As Lei Chen had never put on any princely airs when he went back to the academy, he was immensely popular among his junior fellow disciples.

And Lei Chen’s actions reflected good manners and his respect for his teachers, which won him the support of a large part of the public in the Yan Country.

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