GDBBM – Chapter 759

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Chapter 759: “Flame Spirit Auction House (2)”

That was a scent that was uniquely Jun Wu Xie’s.

For no other reason, but just because it belonged to her, so Jun Wu Yao liked it.

Jun Wu Xie shook her head, and then nodded.

The elixir was not what she needed, but what she had to do.

Acknowledging Yan Bu Gui as her Master, was her own decision. Although she had not stayed at the Phoenix Academy for long, and she had not interacted all that much with Yan Bu Gui, Jun Wu Xie had however taken in that slovenly dressed man as her Master in her heart. As a disciple, it was a given that she should shoulder her Master’s worries.

Without having to mention anything else, just the gifting of the Heaven’s Flask and the Cosmos Sack had been incredibly helpful to her.

When people showed her kindness, she might not always verbally thank them, but her gratitude was always hidden beneath her actions taken towards it.

Watching his little darling’s conflicting response, Jun Wu Yao only found it endlessly endearing. Remembering when he had first met Jun Wu Xie, she had been just like a little kitten on edge, her guard up against everyone around her, her icy glare always looking at him warily. And at any moment that he took the slightest step closer to her, her claws would immediately come flying at him in response.

And unconsciously, they were somehow able to get along in “harmony” now.

His little darling’s attitude towards him had gradually softened in recent times and Jun Wu Yao was in a very good mood. It did not matter that he had to resolve his own matters in an extremely short period of time daily, he was only too willing to do that.

If the day came that his little darling’s attitude towards him improved even further, he would not mind it in the least even if it made things more troublesome for him.

The squeezy crowd threatened to swallow up Jun Wu Xie’s tiny frame. Averse to the touching others, Jun Wu Xie subconsciously closed the gap between her and Jun Wu Yao. Due to the difference in size of their bodies, when her tiny frame drew closer, it looked completely as if Jun Wu Xie was slipping into Jun Wu Yao’s arms. The smile on Jun Wu Yao’s face grew wide and he naturally raised an arm and pulled the tiny figure into an embrace, carefully shielding her. He had initially wanted to release a bit of his spirit power, to drive the crowd back away from him, but he immediately threw that idea out of his head as his heart gladdened in glee, his arm clasped around Jun Wu Xie as they traversed their way through the crowd, towards the direction of the Flame Spirit Auction House.

The Flame Spirit Auction House sat on a massive and sprawling space. As Jun Wu Xie had only been to the Chan Lin Auction House before and when she compared the two auction houses together, the huge disparity in scale was immediately clear to see.

Judging just based on the size of the land, the space the Flame Spirit Auction House in the Yan Country’s Imperial Capital City sat upon was more than ten times that of the Chan Lin Auction House. At the entrance, an endless stream of people were going into the premises and many of them were youths dressed in the uniforms of many other academies, drawn to come here due to the place’s famous reputation.

The youths who came to take part in the Spirit Battle Tournament mostly held thoughts of pride and glory in their hearts and they moved around wearing their uniforms because they knew that many talent scouts from the various powers were hidden everywhere in the capital city waiting to poach for new gifted talents. As they knew that they had no chance of achieving the top ten ranks before the disciples from the top three elite academies, these other disciples had no other choice but to blatantly exhibit their identities in such a fashion at all times possible, carrying themselves in a manner to present their best front, quietly hoping that a talent scout would discover their potential.

Jun Wu Xie was not wearing the Zephyr Academy’s uniform and was just dressed in common clothes. Although her looks could be considered delicately attractive, she did not stand out. Added to that, she was petite in size and would be easily overlooked, lost in the massive crowds of people there.

However, this time, Jun Wu Xie would not be overlooked that easily. All the way from the moment she left the inn till she reached the Flame Spirit Auction House, countless pairs of eyes had gauged and scrutinised her from head to toe, but they had not be drawn because of her, but it was all due to…..


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