GDBBM – Chapter 75

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Chapter 75: “Rumours”

Jun Wu Xie did not think that such an action would have triggered such a huge uproar.

Within half a day, there was a new wave of gossip.

Lin Palace’s Jun Wu Xie had just been abandoned by the Second Prince, however during the Crown Prince’s birthday banquet, she had set her claws on Mo Qian Yuan and seduced him! Early this morning, the Crown Prince had asked permission from the Emperor to let her visit him in his residence. For half a day, they were both cooped up in the room, a lone girl and a lone guy… Before she left, the Crown Prince even personally gave her his very own prized Jade Nectar as a gift! What was even more shocking was that he had personally walked her all the way to the carriage and after she had left, he had stood at the same spot watching for a long time…..and he was smiling the entire time! What did all of this imply?

The news spread like wildfire within the Imperial City.

His Royal Majesty has only two sons, the oldest was Crown Prince Mo Qian Yuan, the younger son was Mo Xuan Fei.

The Crown Prince’s reputation had far surpassed the Second Prince, however with the death of the Queen, the Crown Prince who was known for his extraordinary disposition and intelligence had suddenly changed. Not only had he became eccentric, his grace also slipped. His mannerism had turned 180 degrees. His reputation went downhill and now even people found it hard to compare the current Crown Prince and Second Prince.

In terms of appearance, he definitely did not lose to Mo Xuan Fei in this aspect. However because of his capricious character, people kept him at arms length. On the other hand, Mo Xuan Fei had been actively interacting with the citizens quite frequently as he slowly garnered support.

Even that night at the banquet where he had spoken up for Jun Wu Xie, others thought that what he did was uncalled for and it wrecked his image even further.

Today, the Crown Prince was known to be a capricious character and being paired with the tyrannical Jun Wu Xie, people were shocked silly!

This couple had not met many times, in fact they had met only twice and both were at his birthday banquets.

The first banquet Jun Wu Xie had set her eyes on the Second Prince and used her family’s position to get her engagement to him.

At the second banquet, shortly after her engagement with the Second Prince had just dissolved, she had found another target so quickly!

For a period, rumours on Jun Wu Xie’s frivolous nature spread fast with many going with the version of Mo Qian Yuan ‘picking up his Brother’s old shoes’.

Some people scoffed at Mo Qian Yuan and said that he had eyes but was blind, some laughed at the new perfect ‘trash couple’.

Either way, in a few hours, various versions were running across the grapevine as everyone on the street was talking about it.

When Jun Xian saw Jun Wu Xie carrying the jug of wine, his face was pitch black.

With Mo Qian Yuan’s sudden invitation, it would have lead to others misunderstanding and now he actually gifted her his own precious treasure, the Jade Nectar?

One had to know how much the Crown Prince treasured this Jade Nectar, even if  the Emperor wanted to drink it, unwillingness was written all over his face. There was also an incident on the previous birthday banquet when Mo Xuan Fei drank a small cup of it, Mo Qian Yuan had rebuked him harshly for it.

Since then, everyone knew that this treasured wine was only for him alone.

Even his own family did not qualify to enjoy this wine, but he actually gave Jun Wu Xie some of his precious Jade Nectar, morever a whole jug of it! How could anyone explain this?

Million and one questions were at the tip of Jun Xian’s tongue however when he saw Jun Wu Xie’s lucid eyes, he swallowed back whatever he wanted to ask.

Since she had just been bullied by that bastard Mo Xuan Fei, wasn’t it good to have someone to divert her attention away?

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