GDBBM – Chapter 755

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Chapter 755: “Yan Country (6)”

Jun Wu Xie had just stood up to walk and was nearing him when Jun Wu Yao very smoothly and naturally held her tiny hand in his as they made their way towards the hall on the second level.

Jun Wu Xie seemed to have gotten used to Jun Wu Yao’s natural affectionate actions. She had initially been a little uncomfortable but when she remembered a scene she had once encountered in her previous life where she saw young pair of siblings, the elder brother had also been holding his young sister’s hand as well.

But Jun Wu Xie had not noticed one other thing in her memory. When the elder brother held his younger sister’s hand, that had been when they were crossing the road and that pair of siblings had only been almost eight years of age…..

Qiao Chu and the others were already seated in the second level hall and when they saw Jun Wu Xie and Jun Wu Yao approaching, Qiao Chu thoughtlessly waved his hand at them to urge them to hurry over.

“Where are Ye Sha and Ye Mei?” Qiao Chu looked behind the pair but did not see any sign of Ye Sha and Ye Mei and he asked feeling a little curious.

Jun Wu Yao replied: “They are out on some matters.”

Qiao Chu nodded and did not dare probe any further. Although they did not fear Jun Wu Yao much anymore, but they were still jittery in the face of Jun Wu Yao’s overwhelming power and the mystery around him, including his two subordinates, who always appeared and disappeared unpredictably.

The inn’s waiter soon served them a table full of food and drinks and quickly retreated after that, leaving the entire floor to the eight of them.

Qiao Chu picked a couple of mouthfuls of food into his mouth with his chopsticks and his face quickly creased up into a frown.

“The food only looks good, but it’s not as good as Ye Mei’s cooking.” Back at the little bamboo grove, although only Jun Wu Xie and Jun Wu Yao stayed in there, the cooking of meals there were undertaken by Ye Sha and Ye Mei. Although Qiao Chu and the others did not dare intrude too often initially, they would occasionally still able to pop over and bum off a meal or two from there.

And just eating there once was enough for Qiao Chu to fall head over heels in love with Ye Mei’s skills with the wok. He began to shamelessly plead and drag Hua Yao to go with him to the little bamboo grove every other day, with the lousy excuse of discussing with Jun Wu Xie on their plans to acquire the fourth map, but in actual fact, all he wanted was to have another taste of the heavenly cuisine there.

Hua Yao took a taste as well, and nodded his head slightly, sort of an affirmation of Qiao Chu appraisal.

Well hidden in the shadows, Ye Mei just about to leave with Ye Sha to snoop around the Yan Country’s Imperial Capital, coincidentally heard Qiao Chu’s candid and forthright assessment, and his face immediately twisted up in mourning.


That had been an undeniable compliment on his cooking, why was he not feeling the least bit happy upon hearing that?

[He is not a chef for goodness sake!] [Heavens! Your comments are not needed here! !]

Ye Sha patted Ye Mei comfortingly on the shoulder silently, in a great display of sympathy.

As brothers in common misery, he of all people could fully empathize with how Ye Mei was feeling right at that moment.

Those hands on them were both born to hold sharply honed blades to wreck havoc as they kicked up a bloody storm, striking endless fears in the hearts of their enemies. But their very own Lord they served had forced them to become skilled in cooking, sewing and the many various menial tasks of housekeeping, almost driving to the edge of madness. Using an executioner’s blade to slaughter a chicken….. They had even picked up embroidery needles for their Lord, and that was something they would never mention to anyone. Ever.

“When we do leave the Lower Realm, I swear to never set one foot into a kitchen ever again!” Ye Mei said through tightly clenched teeth, his eyes aflame with strong conviction.

[Humiliation!] [Pure and utter humiliation!] [Cooking for their Lord Jue and the Young Miss was already a little bit of a stretch and now that he was branded a “good cook”, he really could not make himself feel any pride!

Ye Sha continued to nod in understanding.

“And no more sewing!” When he thought back to the first time he had touched a sewing needle to sew a piece of clothing, and it was for a dumb sheep to wear, he really wanted to ram his head into the wall to kill himself!

As highly skilled and cold blooded killers, they were forced to take up girly and prissy tasks like this. If news of this was leaked, they would both kill themselves on the spot.

Ye Sha sighed heavily, and left the inn together with Ye Mei with heavy hearts.


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