GDBBM – Chapter 754

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Chapter 754: “Yan Country (5)”

The Yan Country’s arrangements made for the various academies were very well done, and there were already people who stood ready to welcome the guests from the Zephyr Academy.

The Zephyr Academy had in the previous year brought an entourage of about thirty people and the Yan Country had prepared for them a place that could accommodate up to fifty people. Hence, when the innkeeper saw the loose straggle of about only ten people coming in, the smile on his face suddenly froze briefly, but he quickly recovered and went forward to welcome them smilingly.

“Welcome, our esteemed guests. The rooms have all been prepared and I would like to invite our distinguished guests to have a momentary rest in the meantime. The food will soon be ready and after our respected guests have rested, we will serve you your meals in the hall on the second level.” The innkeeper was quick to adapt as he announced with a smile.

Jun Wu Xie nodded slightly and she left with all the others to their respective rooms to unpack.

Upon reaching her room, Jun Wu Xie just left the luggage she carried on her on the table and carried the little black cat in her arms.

It had been slightly more than a month since they had decided to take part in the Spirit Battle Tournament. The situation in the Zephyr Academy had been like what Fan Jin had predicted and they were in an extremely bad state. Any disciple with the slightest gift had chosen to leave them, coming up with some easy excuse by writing them on a flimsy letter. They had hastily arranged for those letters to be delivered to the Zephyr Academy, and from there cut off all ties with the Zephyr Academy just like that. Those disciples that had returned in the beginning of the year were mainly those of average potential and their numbers had fallen to only about three hundred. Even adding the number of those promoted from the branch division to it, the total number of disciples had just barely broken the four hundred mark.

The number when compared to the original headcount that they had, was utterly dismal.

But the disciples’ departure was not the most critical issue. The thing that was really killing them was the leaving of the teachers. The Zephyr Academy had more than a hundred teachers before, and the number of them that had remained was now less than ten.

So it was imperative that the Zephyr Academy must achieve a good result in the Spirit Battle Tournament this year, which would allow them to regain their glorious reputation!

Jun Wu Xie carried the little black cat in her arms, her fingers slowly stroking its fur, her mind furiously planning the next steps they were to take.

Fan Jin had initially intended to fill up the ten spots they had been allocated for the Spirit Battle Tournament, but they had not been able to find any disciples decent enough to be put up on stage and hence, they decided to forgo the unutilised spots instead of having mediocre disciples shame the Zephyr Academy’s name at this most critical period.

So, Jun Wu Xie had rejected Fan Jin’s suggestions before they moved out from the academy.

The Spirit Battle Tournament would have her taking part in it with Qiao Chu and his gang, with Fan Jin excluded.

In the month’s time for them to prepare, Jun Wu Xie had not only fully cured Fan Jin and Lord Meh Meh, with Jun Wu Yao’s help, her spirit powers had reached new heights, at the peak of the green spirit! She was just a few days away from breaking blue and Ye Sha and Ye Mei had the ring spirit for her breakthrough to blue already prepared. The only thing she needed to do was just to wait till her spirit power accumulated to the sufficient level and she would be able to proceed with her breakthrough.

“Meh~” Wool had started grow again on its body and Lord Meh Meh was lying on the ground just beside Jun Wu Xie’s feet as its bleated softly.

Although the wool on Lord Meh Meh’s body was yet to become as fluffy as before, it had nevertheless been enough to cover its tender pink skin. At a glance, Lord Meh Meh would look just like before, and only upon closer observation would one find that it had become slightly “slimmer”.

Moments later, a knock sounded on Jun Wu Xie’s door. Without waiting for her to get up to open the door, the door was already being pushed open.

Jun Wu Yao was leaning against the door frame, a devilish smile playing across his mouth. His eyes were narrowed as he came to sit at the table beside Jun Wu Xie.

“It has been a long journey, it should already be time to go eat.” Jun Wu Yao said with a smile.

Jun Wu Xie nodded and leaving the little black cat and Lord Meh Meh behind, she got up and walked out.


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