GDBBM – Chapter 756

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Chapter 756: “Yan Country (7)”

The belly full from food and drinks, Qiao Chu flopped back in satisfaction on his chair and gave a loud burp. Fei Yan at the side gave him a disapproving glance before turning his head to face Jun Wu Xie and say: “The information that I managed to dig up on the Yan Country previously, have you seen them yet?”

In the slightly more than a month past, Jun Wu Xie and Fan Zhuo had remained in the Zephyr Academy and had not gone anywhere else while Qiao Chu, Hua Yao and Rong Ruo had gone back to the Phoenix Academy to update Yan Bu Gui on their itinerary on their upcoming trip. Only Fei Yan had been the busiest. He had needed to get a good grasp about the general situation in the Yan Country before the companions moved out before they could plan out their mission in more detail.

Fei Yan had not been idle in that period and had only returned on the day that Jun Wu Xie and the others were due to move out. Throughout the bumpy journey, he had relayed the information he had managed to gather to the others and they had all managed to gain a general understanding of the situation in the Yan Country in that time.

The Yan Country had four sons, with the eldest among them being the Yan Country’s Crown Prince, who was the target of Jun Wu Xie and her companions on this mission.

Jun Wu Xie nodded.

“What does Little Xie intend to do? Do we wait till we achieve our ranks before we get close to the Crown Prince or do we begin right now? I heard that the Crown Prince would occasionally come into contact with some of the disciples from the various academies taking part in the Spirit Battle Tournament before the games begin.” Fei Yan asked, looking at Jun Wu Xie, subconsciously already relying on Jun Wu Xie’s opinion on their next move.

From the moment he met Jun Wu Xie till that moment, her assessment of the situation and decision making had always been accurate and he had not yet seen her lapse in her judgement as yet.

“There’s no rush as for now and we’ll just watch.” Although the information Fei Yan had provided them was useful, she needed to reaffirm it with her own eyes before she would be able to make an accurate judgement.

Till now, the two times that Jun Wu Xie had become involved with people who were working in cahoots with people from the Twelve Palaces, they had not been saintly to say the least. One loved to use handsome looking youths as lab rats for his research in poisons, while the other had plotted to murder the entire student body of an academy. The Yan Country’s Crown Prince was thought to be a rather modest and humble Crown Prince from the information she received. He was named the Crown Prince from the age of ten and he had shown himself to be dependable, without having stirred up anything too excessive. After him, the Emperor had another three sons, and the Crown Prince had also been very caring and loving towards them.

From the surface, he seemed to be not too bad a guy.


To have been involved with people from the Twelve Palaces, Jun Wu Xie did not dare to be so certain with her assessment of the Crown Prince.

Just like Mo Xuan Fei in the beginning. From the memories of her body’s previous owner, Jun Wu Xie knew that before she was reborn into the body, Mo Xuan Fei’s reputation on the surface had not been any much worse than what she had gathered about the Yan Country’s Crown Prince, they were both reputed to be cultured and refined gentlemen, both just as humble and deferent. But in the case of Mo Xuan Fei, he was in truth actually just a well dressed, dignified hypocrite.

“That will work, I am guessing he won’t be long in coming here to meet us anyway. Didn’t Fei Yan say the Crown Prince has a penchant for mixing with peasants like us?” Qiao Chu said with a laugh. Every year before the Spirit Battle Tournament began, the Yan Country’s Crown Prince would always move around among the various academies. And he did not discriminate between them and he visited academies both big and small. Although the top three academies would be included, he did not however overlook those tiny academies that people had never heard of.

That puzzled quite a number of people.

Establishing contact with the top three academies was obviously to enable one to be able to recruit strong talents more easily,

But for a Crown Prince to take the time to visit the common academies, was something people could not comprehend.

Jun Wu Xie sipped at her water, and did not give a reaction to Qiao Chu’s statement.

Fan Jin was just listening quietly from the side and towards what the others were discussing, he did not really understand it. As in his mind, the only reason they had come to the Yan Country was only to participate in the Spirit Battle Tournament.


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