GDBBM – Chapter 753

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Chapter 753: “Yan Country (4)”

Their eyes were glued on the flawlessly and unbelievably handsome face of the man who stepped out gracefully from the carriage. His tall and slender frame, his graceful form and even the slightly devilish smile on that incredibly handsome face made the hearts of every single person looking skip a beat.

His slightly narrowed eyes were like intoxicating wine that mesmerised them as he gaze looked unwaveringly into the carriage. After him, a youth with delicate features followed behind. The youth looked to be only around fourteen or fifteen, and although his looks were clean cut and presentable, it was in no way comparable to the one who came out before her.
The guy who came out first smiled and extended his hand out to the youth to help him off the carriage. Every raise of his hand and every step that he took, just looked too breathtakingly magnificent.

As beautiful as a painting…..

A few more youths came out from the carriages one after another, looking just slightly older, but every single one of them seen to be extremely handsome and attractive. Although still paling in comparison to the first guy that stepped out, they still possessed strikingly attractive pictures and they was even a beautiful young girl among them!

The Zephyr Academy had achieved quite a good result in the Spirit Battle Tournament last year and because of that, they had attracted quite an amount of attention from the other academies. But all the disciples saw that all the Zephyr Academy’s participants were all unfamiliar faces.

“These people….. are from the Zephyr Academy?” The spying youths all gulped as their eyes fell onto the pretty girl among the small group!

The Zephyr Academy had a girl among their contestants as well last year, and they remembered that she had been a beautiful girl as well. But when compared to the sweet and pretty thing before them now, the beauty of the girl from their memories seem to suddenly fade.

“See the banners on their carriages, they must be from the Zephyr Academy.” The disciples who had gathered around to see the Zephyr Academy ridiculed were now at a loss for words. Irregardless of anything else, their attractive looks alone had already quashed the whole lot of them without the slightest doubt.

They can understand people being attractive, but when the attractiveness reaches such an astounding and heart crushing level, it was somehow beyond their comprehension!

A total of ten people came out from the Zephyr Academy’s five carriages. After the crowd eye’s saw the last two gravely cold and stern men appear, the horse carriages rumbled off and they did not see other figures appear, once again causing the peering eyes a whole lot of confusion.

“Why are there only ten people from the Zephyr Academy?” The youths were puzzled and they could not figure it out. Every academy who took part in the Spirit Battle Tournament were given ten slots, but they saw only a total of ten people here from the Zephyr Academy, with three of them looking to be already beyond their teens who did not seem to be here to participate in the Spirit Battle Tournament.

And in the remaining seven people, they found Fan Jin to be one among them.

After the dust from the huge unrest that rocked the Zephyr Academy had settled, Fan Jin was no longer a disciple of the Zephyr Academy. He had taken up the position of Headmaster and they had reason to doubt that he was still eligible to take part in the Spirit Battle Tournament.

If what they were seeing was correct, the number of people from the Zephyr Academy taking part in the Spirit Battle Tournament would only be six?

And there was one petite figure among them that looked very young, and looking really skinny and weak. Can a little guy like that really represent the Zephyr Academy in the Spirit Battle Tournament?

At that moment, a unspoken consensus came into the minds of all the people watching.

The Zephyr Academy had fallen into desolation. They couldn’t even find ten people to take part in the Spirit Battle Tournament and have just managed to scrape together these six. Although they all possessed extraordinary looks, the Spirit Battle Tournament called for might and not looks.

Almost everyone there quickly assumed that the Zephyr Academy had given up on the Spirit Battle Tournament before the fight had even begun.

Seeing that the people of the Zephyr Academy had already gone into the inn, the watching youths all started to turn away from them. And quick as wildfire in dry grass, the news of what they saw spread.

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