GDBBM – Chapter 750

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Chapter 750: “Yan Country (1)”

The Yan Country’s Imperial Capital, was always at its busiest in the beginning of the year as the Grand Spirit Battle Tournament among the many academies would be held there at that time. The most elite disciples from more than a hundred academies would congregate at that place to compete for a high ranking in the Spirit Battle Tournament!

Every year, the top ten ranks in the Spirit Battle Tournament would find themselves seeing a new pinnacle in their lives. The young youths who had as yet found fame would only need to give a good show of their abilities, and shine more brilliantly than others, to gain themselves status and fame beyond their wildest dreams.
To become famous in their youth, that posed to be an irresistible draw to all young and exuberant youths!

As the host providing the battle stages, the Yan Country always strove to provide all the academies with the best environments, to allow the disciples to put forth their best, in the Grand Spirit Battle Tournament.
As the mightiest and most prosperous country, and by being the host of the tournament, the Yan Country had throughout the years enjoyed first pick priority in the access to the winners of the Spirit Battle Tournament. Almost every year, the top ten ranked of the Spirit Battle Tournament would almost always have about half of them poached by the Yan Country. The youths would have exhibited exemplary skills although their powers would not have fully matured, but their extraordinary gifts would made them stand out from the rest. Irregardless whether they were other countries or individual powers, all of them were keen to pick out youths who showed potential in the Spirit Battle Tournament. They did not limit themselves only to the top ten ranked but would also keep an eye out for exceptional talents and poach them without a moment’s hesitation.
It can be said that the Spirit Battle Tournament was a revered and distinguished event for both the academies and powers from all over the world.
The various powers were able to recruit more talented people into their fold while the academies were able to gain fame and reputation when their disciples did well in the rankings.

So, no matter whether it was the academies themselves, or the youths taking part in the Spirit Battle Tournament, they all placed great importance on how they fared in the tournament.

There were only ten slots for every academy in the Spirit Battle Tournament and the ten selected would most definitely be elites that had undergone a contest under the most stringent selection process and finally emerged victorious, as they represented not only themselves, but also the academy’s reputation on their shoulders.

The top three elite academies throughout the lands were the Zephyr Academy, the War Banner Academy, and the Dragon Slayers Academy. These three powerful academies attracted the most attention every single year and the top ten ranks of the Spirit Battle tournament would always be dominated by the representatives from these three academies and the Yan Country and the many various mightiest powers throughout the lands had already recruited many youths from them in the past years. All of those youths who had outshone their peers in the past Spirit Battle Tournaments and joined their respective powers had already left their academies had already grown more powerful, bringing much gains to the powers they served!

Although there were over a hundred academies that participated in the Spirit Battle Tournaments, but the ones that possessed the power to contest for top ten positions were only the top three academies. Although the disciples from the other academies would never dare dream of being among the top ten, that still did not stop them from coming forward to show off their potential as the number of people the various countries and the different powers needed was large and the ten people from the top ranks would not be enough to serve their needs!

The entire duration of the Spirit Battle Tournament lasted a whole month and within that time, all the people from the academies would have their food and lodging taken care of by the Yan Country. A week before the Spirit Battle Tournament was to commence, the convoys from the various academies would begin to stream into the Yan Country’s Imperial Capital, gradually driving the bustle of the Imperial Capital into a endless frenzy.

Decorated with banners that depicted the emblem of the Zephyr Academy, their horse drawn carriages slowly rolled towards the city gates. Immediately upon seeing those horse carriages, the soldiers at the city gates parted to let them pass. The convoy consisted only of five carriages and compared to most of the other convoys from the other academies here to participate in the Spirit Battle Tournament, their carriages number conspicuously less than half of others!   

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