GDBBM – Chapter 749

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Chapter 749: “Unexpected Surprise (3)”

Till the Yan Country’s Grand Spirit Battle Tournament, there was still about slightly more than a month. In that period, Qiao Chu and the others decided to make a trip back to the Phoenix Academy to report back to Yan Bu Gui on their upcoming plans.

Upon knowing that they will be making a trip back to the Phoenix Academy, Jun Wu Xie specially wrote a letter, for them to bring back to Yan Bu Gui. As she needed to continue the treatment for Fan Jin and Lord Meh Meh’s injuries, she was not be able to leave at that time, while Jun Wu Yao and Fan Zhuo remained behind in the Zephyr Academy with her.

Lord Meh Meh had in this period of time been nursing well and making good progress in its recovery. Its burnt and blackened skin scabbed and peeled several layers and new skin was growing, looking pinkish and tender. From having been burnt into a little black ball previously, till gradually turning into a little pink sphere. At a quick glance, it currently resembled somewhat like a little pink piglet…..

It was not known whether it was due to it having suffered overly severe burns, but Lord Meh Meh’s body had not grown any wool yet. Having been used to being bundled up in thick dense wool, it had suddenly lost all its protection from the cold, especially now that the year was ending, with the temperature dropping fast, Lord Meh Meh just could not find the energy to perk itself up. At all times throughout the day, it was either shivering miserably under the blankets or snuggled deep into Jun Wu Xie’s embrace.

And towards all of the bald little sheep’s actions, someone was watching it all closely with a glint in his eyes.

“Go find something that it can wear.” Jun Wu Yao said slowly to Ye Sha and Ye Mei as his eyes swung over to look at Lord Meh Meh burrowing deeper and deeper into Jun Wu Xie’s arms seeking warmth.

Ye Mei and Ye Sha both stood in their spots suddenly flummoxed.

[Where are they going to find clothes that a bald sheep was able to wear?]

Jun Wu Xie raised her eyes and looked at Jun Wu Yao.

Jun Wu Yao’s lips curled up at the corners as he said: “Since Little Xie is going to represent the Zephyr Academy in the Grand Battle Spirit Tournament, you will of course need some time to cultivate your spirit powers. And if you are carrying that the entire time, I was afraid you might not have enough time.”

That tone, the way he put it, sounded especially justifiable!

Jun Wu Xie blinked. The way she cultivated was different from others and carrying Lord Meh Meh did not affect her in the slightest. For her to cultivated her spirit powers, she would only need to bring out the Snow Lotus and place it before her, and she could carry on with whatever she was doing.

“I thinking Little Xie’s spirit powers must be on the verge of attaining another breakthrough already?” Jun Wu Yao asked, his eyes staring at the water basin holding the Snow Lotus on the table.
Jun Wu Xie nodded.

“Have you selected the ring spirit you are going to use for the advancement?”
She shook her head.

[She did not have the time to find one.]

Immediately, Jun Wu Yao threw another task for Ye Sha and Ye Mei to complete.
Just like that, after the brothers in misery were made to take up the menial chores of cooking and cleaning, and they were still hard pressed to decide on who would be picking up the needle to sew some winter clothes for Lord Meh Meh, they found another new task thrown before their feet….. to find a ring spirit for Jun Wu Xie’s spirit power breakthrough!

Very soon, Ye Mei and Ye Sha would be able to excel in duties presenting themselves well in front in the hall, while shining brilliantly cooking and cleaning back in the kitchen, killing enemies mercilessly in battle on the side, and becoming outstanding in makeup with cosmetics…..
The two of them secretly wiped aggrieved tears from their eyes.

[My Lord Jue, for someone of your esteemed stature to be competing for affections with a Spirit Beast, is that really appropriate?] After having dumped all the menial task to his underlings, Jun Wu Yao took the excuse of guiding Jun Wu Xie with her spirit power’s advancement to pick Lord Meh Meh up from within Jun Wu Xie’s arms and throwing it onto the soft bed among the warm sheets and covers as Lord Meh Meh bleated softly in futile protest.
Immediately after that, before Jun Wu Xie could say anything, Jun Wu Yao stretched out an arm to encircle Jun Wu Xie’s tiny waist, and with a single leap, flew out of the little bamboo grove.
“Do you know how to sew?” Ye Sha asked Ye Mei, as a persistent twitch tugged at the corner of his mouth, his eyes staring at the little bald sheep well bundled within the thick blankets.
Ye Mei shrugged, and replied mournfully: “Can we buy them?”

Ye Sha almost teared as he said: “Where, throughout all the realms, do you think we can buy clothes that would fit it?”
“….. I’ll sew…..”

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