GDBBM – Chapter 751

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Chapter 751: “Yan Country (2)”

There were already quite a number of disciples from other academies who were already in the Yan Country’s Imperial Capital. As the Spirit Battle Tournament had not begun, many of them were roaming around the Imperial Capital to see with their own eyes the prosperity of the mightiest country.

Five horse carriages rumbled on passing through the main thoroughfare. Many of the disciples of the other academies had immediately recognised the banners of the Zephyr Academy and they all came to a halt immediately, fully extending their necks to peer at the convoy of one of the three top academies. At that moment, their eyes showed not one of envy but were instead filled with a tinge of mockery.

“Why have the Zephyr Academy sent so little people this year?” A youth asked, his face greatly puzzled as he stared at the carriages moving further away from them.

He was from an academy that was just average, but even then, for their trip to this Spirit Battle Tournament, the academy had still sent out ten carriages. Besides the ten participants taking part in the Spirit Battle Tournament, there were several teachers and a offhanded guess at the total would easily come up to already over thirty people.

“That’s strange, what is the Zephyr Academy up to this year? The Dragon Slayer Academy and the War Banner Academy had even deployed at least twenty horse carriages each, how many people can the Zephyr Academy fit in those few carriages?” The youth asked, scratching at his head, his mind filled with questions.

The Spirit Battle Tournament was expected to run for up to a month and besides the disciples taking part in the contest, the teachers who guided them and personnel who took care of logistics were also an integral component of their entourage and something they could not do without. Hence, even if there were only ten people participating, the number of people each academy sent here were at least a few times that.

The more reputed the academy, the more complete their preparations were, which meant they would have more personnel. Like for the War Banner Academy, their convoy had not only included people from within the academy, the participants had even brought along their own personal attendants to serve them in that month so as to allow them to receive the best care while they prepared for the battles ahead.

Moreover, the level of hospitality the Yan Country extended to the various academies varied according to their might. For an academy like the Zephyr Academy who held one of the vaulted top three academy positions, the Yan Country would be most welcoming even if they had brought seventy or eighty personnel.

But the Zephyr Academy this year had only a total of five horse carriages and one carriage would fit four people at most. Total that up and that would only make up twenty people, falling far below the number expected of their status and position.

The other youth next to him then exclaimed: “You don’t know what happened in the Zephyr Academy?”

“What happened?” The youth asked, his face one of bewilderment.
His companion then said proudly: “It seems you really do not know! It was such a tumultuous storm that tore through the Zephyr Academy at the end of last year, and you have not heard a single thing about such a earth shaking event! ?”

The youth shook his head and his face was filled with curiosity as he leapt onto his companion to ask: “What happened to them?”

“It was a really shocking event that shook the Zephyr Academy late last year. The Vice Headmaster murdered the Headmaster Fan Qi and the position of Headmaster is now helmed by Fan Qi’s son, Fan Jin.”

“What? ! Fan Jin ? I remember that he took part in the Spirit Battle Tournament last year as well. Although he did not make it into the top ten, but he still achieved a rather good rank. But….. how old is he only? For him to be the Headmaster of the Zephyr Academy, aren’t they taking it a little too lightly? !” The youth asked, his eyes wide with incredulity, unable to believe what he just heard.

Although Fan Jin was rather gifted and an outstanding youth, his age nevertheless did not differ by much from most disciples. All the Headmasters from the other academies were matured men who were well respected and held in great esteem, so needless to mention just a youth in his teens, even if you doubled Fan Jin’s age, that still would not make him a suitable candidate as the Headmaster!

“If not him then who else is there? The Vice Headmaster killed the Headmaster and both Headmasters were lost. The Zephyr Academy today is no longer the same powerful Zephyr Academy of the past. After the disciples and teachers of the Zephyr Academy left for the year end break last year, when the school year started at the beginning of this year, only a very small number of people returned.”

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