GDBBM – Chapter 74

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Chapter 74: “Jade Nectar (3)”

For ordinary people, having a drop of Jade Nectar could be regarded only as a dream, even within the Royal Family, only Mo Qian Yuan and the Emperor had access to this privilege. Even Mo Xuan Fei could only sit idly by and watch them drink this.

However this wine held a deeper meaning to Mo Qian Yuan, it was a precious memory of his mother.

Jun Wu Xie wanted to use this wine to brew medicine made Mo Qian Yuan surprised.

“It can be used as medicine?” The only reason why he drank a little of this wine everyday was because he missed his mother, not because he was an avid wine lover.

Now, if the perpetrator knew that he had found out the source of it, they would use other means, rather than alerting them, he had to use another method.

“Alright, you can have some.” He had made his decision.

“I’m going to give you the wine only because I don’t want to go through all that again to find out a new source.” Just the thought of that tragic response, he felt suffocated once again. How his dignity was crushed in an instant when he had vomited all over the table. Thinking back also made him feel a little queasy as his face paled.

Jun Wu Xie knew that this chance was hard to come by. Such a precious commodity that could kick start her cultivation was just in front of her! What heavenly spring? Who knew if she could ever find that in this lifetime?

“Please prepare a small jug for me to bring back whenever I come visit you.” Jun Wu Xie decided to lay low and do this discreetly, anyway the wine was here and she could get it from him every time she visited. Her supply for this has been secured.

“Uh..But if they poisoned the wine… then..” He looked at her wryly, if its poisoned wine, how could she make medicine out of it?

“No need to worry.” She confidently replied.

Mo Qian Yuan thought, the perpetrator wouldn’t want to drag her into it lest she gets tangled in it which will pull Lin Palace into this. If they knew it was for her, they wouldn’t poison it.

“Ok, I’ll have it prepared for you.” He decided that he would deal with this step by step. He would let them know that this wine was a gift for her. He shuddered to think that he didn’t even know that he was poisoned in his own quarters and means that he was simply living in a cage where most things were not within his control. The servants watching him are the accomplices as well.

When the day comes, he shall return tooth for tooth, blood for blood!

He was relieved after ascertaining the source of the poison. Now he could start fighting back! He was also thankful that Jun Wu Xie had left some pills to aid him in his recovery.

To completely cure him and have him back in the pink of health, time was of the essence. She had also set aside a lotus seed for him, but that had to wait till his body was in a better state, after which she would let him condition his whole body with the best of her ability. Towards people who were useful to her, she was rather generous.

Mo Qian Yuan accepted the bottles she had given him, he knew deep down that she could spare no effort to save him, however she could also do the same by sparing no effort to dispose of him.

After Jun Wu Xie had left him all the instructions on the various medicines, he had personally prepared a small jug of Jade Nectar and walked with her all the way up to her carriage. He stood rooted to the spot even though the carriage had long disappeared from his sight. He let out a big sigh as he stood there for quite some time.

He looked up into the blue sky, he was feeling elated.

Mother, I have found an incredible ally!

A group of servants looked at him with a complex expression as they saw the smiling Mo Qian Yuan staring happily into the sky.

To see such an expression on him, did it mean that he had really fallen head over heels for that tyrant?!

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