GDBBM – Chapter 748

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Chapter 748: “Unexpected Surprise (2)”

“You have suitable candidates in mind?” Jun Wu Xie asked.

Fan Jin gave a bitter smile and shook his head. “Among the people who participated last year, quite a big number of them are gone, and I don’t know how many of those left will return.”

Previously, Lu Wei Jie and Ning Xin had represented the Zephyr Academy in the Spirit Battle Tournament. Lu Wei Jie had been driven out of the Zephyr Academy and Ning Xin was dead, her body torn apart. As for the remaining participants, Fan Jin was guessing they would not be returning as they were highly gifted and they didn’t need to be in the Zephyr Academy to succeed. Now that the Zephyr Academy had fallen into such a state, those disciples would undoubtedly be mulling how they would be able to switch to other academies.

“The only one I can think of now is only myself.” Fan Jin said with a shrug. His father’s passing, the academy’s turmoil, all the difficulties were now heaped upon his shoulders. The suffocating pressure threatened to overwhelm him but he needed to stand up despite all of it or his father’s decades of blood and sweat would all come to naught.

Jun Wu Xie raised an eyebrow and swept her gaze over the faces of Qiao Chu and all the others. As she had expected, she saw in her companions’ eyes, the answer she seeked.

If you do not have anyone in mind, include the few of us here in.” Jun Wu Xie said calmly.

Fan Jin stared, in pure disbelief at Jun Wu Xie.

“Wh….. What did you say?”

“Har? What is it? You don’t think we are up to it? Come on, be a sport. If you put us in, I guarantee you a spot in the top few ranks.” Qiao Chu said with an easy laugh, putting his arm around Fan Jin’s shoulder, in an easy show of camaraderie.

“You guys….. You guys are willing to help me?” Fan Jin asked, unable to be sure he heard them right. Not long after he regained his consciousness, Fan Zhuo had told him about it. In a few days’ time, he would be leaving with Jun Wu Xie and the others. Fan Zhuo had not told him about the specifics and Fan Jin did not want to probe. Although they were not biological brothers linked by blood, Fan Jin had already accepted Fan Zhuo to be one, and towards Fan Zhuo’s decision, he did not object in the slightest.

Upon hearing that Jun Wu Xie and the others were asking to join the Spirit Battle Tournament as representatives of the Zephyr Academy, Fan Jin’s heart suddenly soared.

He knew the incredible fighting prowess of Hua Yao and his companions. No need to mention about the inter academy Spirit Battle Tournament, even if they were put out into the vast world, how many people would be able to match up to them?

If they were really to take part, then the Zephyr Academy would surely be able to achieve a result of unprecedented levels!

And as long as they gained one of the top spots, then the Zephyr Academy would be immediately dredged out of its doldrums and teachers and disciples would be clamoring to join the the academy!

With those thoughts in his head, how could Fan Jin not get excited! ?

“Helping you would also be helping ourselves at the same time.” Jun Wu Xie said, looking at Fan Jin. In this way, they both stood to gain in this situation. It would help the Zephyr Academy to pick themselves up and at the same time, give the companions a legitimate reason to infiltrate into the Yan Country.

“This is just fantastic! I’ll go make preparations for it now! I will make the necessary arrangements, as the Zephyr Academy did not hold their annual Spirit Battle Tournament this year, we will not have any problems with the rankings.” Fan Jin was showing his first genuine smile straight from the heart after regaining his mind. From his struggles in the muck, he finally saw the light of hope.

Seeing Fan Jin’s face flushed from his unbridledly joyous smile, Jun Wu Xie lowered her eyes.

It might have been unintentional or it might have been his conscious effort. After Fan Jin reawoke, he had never once mentioned Ning Rui or Gongcheng Lei. Fan Zhuo had already told him that those two had been imprisoned but Fan Jin had acted like he knew nothing about it, having never mentioned one word about them and never gone to see them a single time.
As long as he did not bring it up, the others kept silent about it as well.

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