GDBBM – Chapter 747

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Chapter 747: “Unexpected Surprise (1)”

The Zephyr Academy had met with a big calamity and although the disaster was averted in the end, the long series of twists and turns had caused the disciples and teachers of the academy to become nervous and afraid.

It was clear to Fan Jin, although those people had not said much when they had gone home for the year end break, but after the month was up, he was expecting less than half of them to return.

It was rather understandable if the disciples had not returned out of fear, but if even the teachers were to leave as well, what was going to happen to the Zephyr Academy going forward?

His father is dead, and the other two longest serving faculty members who had been almost been as close as being his related uncles had betrayed them. The Zephyr Academy was facing an imminent crisis and Fan Jin felt like he had just woken up from a dream, and the reality presented to him an endless stream of obstacles and tribulations as numerous as the stars.

“Take it slow, things are bound to improve. At the very least, we are still alive now.” Fan Zhuo said reassuringly, patting his own brother on the shoulder.

Fan Jin gave him a bittersweet smile and said: “That is true. As long as I am able to bring the Zephyr Academy back to glory, I believe more people will come. I will not let the Zephyr Academy decline further.” Unwilling to dwell any longer in pain and suffering, Fan Jin tried to sound strong despite the situation by saying: “I cannot afford to waste away any further. I need to nurse my body back to health and I should be able to make it in time for the next year’s Spirit Battle Tournament among the different academies”

Seeing that Fan Jin had picked himself up, everyone was feeling relieved and Qiao Chu asked with a smile: “There are even Spirit Battle tournaments among the academies?”

Fan Jin nodded. “Normally, every academy would hold their own Spirit Battles Tournaments. And every year, the top ten ranked from the individual academies will all make their way to the Yan Country and compete in an inter academy competition. Last year, the Zephyr Academy had achieved a rather good rank in the placings.”

Fan Jin had said it easily. But upon hearing his words, Qiao Chu who had been grinning mischievously suddenly stared at Fan Jin in wide eyed surprise.

“Where did you say it was?”

Fan Jin repeated it: “Yan Country. The Yan Country is currently the biggest power and this inter academy Spirit Battle Tournament is also organised by them, where they invited all the individual academies in previous years. In one more month, the new year will begin, and I believe it should be around that time.”

The Zephyr Academy’s own Spirit Battle Tournament had been cancelled this year due to the tumult that had struck them, and the previous year’s top ten rank has less than half of them remaining. Fan Jin was planning to quickly nurse himself back to health so that he would be able to represent the Zephyr Academy in the competition.

Qiao Chu and his companions exchanged glances with each other.

Fan Jin’s words had immediately drawn their attention as the next map they had their eye on was coincidentally in the Yan Country!

“Where in the Yan Country will it be held?” Jun Wu Xie asked suddenly. She had caught it as well.

Fan Jin did not realised that his words had drawn the attention of everyone there and he told them with a smile: “In the Yan Country’s Imperial Capital. The Spirit Battle Tournament is always crowded and bustling with people and it is usually hosted by the Yan Country. But to put out in another way, the Yan Country is willing to do that so that they can widen their net to recruit talents. It is rumoured that the Yan Country’s Imperial household would be observing the battles in secret and if they spot any disciples who possessed good gifts, they will approach them privately and attempt to poach them. My ranking last year was not that high and hence, I was denied that kind of treatment. But I heard that there were a few among the top ten ranked in last year’s Spirit Battle Tournament who had remained in the Yan Country after the Spirit Battle Tournament.”

Fan Jin was telling it to the companions just intending it as an interesting piece of news to share.
But upon hearing it, it had made Jun Wu Xie and the others incredibly excited.

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes were thoughtful. They had originally planned to immediately set off towards the Yan Country once Fan Jin awakened, to go search out the fourth map’s location. They had not for one moment thought, that the inter academy Spirit Battle Tournament would actually be held in the Yan Country. They were now in the Zephyr Academy and they could legitimately appear there as disciples of the Zephyr Academy and in this way, they would instead not draw any unwanted attention upon themselves.


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