GDBBM – Chapter 742

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Chapter 742: “Squeezing her Small Hand (1)”

From all directions, all the disciples of the Zephyr Academy were staring at Ning Rui with eyes burning with hatred. The taunting words Ning Rui had thrown out when he believed that victory was at hand earlier were now suddenly turned against him, like a heavy sharp blade hanging over his head.

This man who had attempted to use the lives of everyone in the Zephyr Academy in exchange for power and authority would finally face judgement!

Fan Zhuo did not immediately take their lives but just imprisoned Ning Rui and Gongcheng Lei. Although his intense hatred for them was pushing him to subject the two men to a thousand cuts at that very moment, he held himself back as the one who really needed to see them being punished was not him, but Fan Jin.

Ning Rui was dragged away together with Gongcheng Lei by the guards and Fan Zhuo subconsciously turned to look at Fan Jin. The all too familiar face stung at his eyes, as he knew in his heart that was not really his beloved elder brother…..

The crisis in the Zephyr Academy had been resolved and everyone in the academy finally heaved a big sigh of relief. They all felt like they had gained a new life after having just been pulled out from the pits of despair. They were deeply grateful to Jun Xie who has saved them all and they had developed a deep respect and awe towards the unbelievably powerful man.

Gu Ying had sustained heavy injuries, Ning Rui and his people had been imprisoned. The calamity that had struck the Zephyr Academy was finally arrested.

The Zephyr Academy had recently experienced too many setbacks was there was a dire need for them to realign themselves. According to the rules, the position of Headmaster should be taken up by Fan Jin and Fan Jin readily agreed to it with an easy smile. His first instructions as Headmaster of the Zephyr Academy was for all the disciples and teachers to first go back and rest up and he informed them that the Zephyr Academy would be taking a break for the next few days to allow everyone a chance to catch their breaths.

Things have more or less settled down but Jun Wu Xie was still not able to go back.

Jun Wu Yao held Jun Wu Xie’s small hand in his and proceeded straight towards the little bamboo grove.

“You are really a gutsy little lass. You have just barely learnt how to raise your powers to attain the purple spirit and you already dare to take on those men in a fight? If I had not arrived in time, are you going to get yourself all covered in injuries again?” Jun Wu Yao led Jun Wu Xie to sit down by the table and Ye Mei and Ye Sha who had come in following behind them were completely silent as they lowered their heads and slowly retreated outside to stand beside the doors, trying their best to hide their presence as much as they could.

“Why are you here?” Jun Wu Xie did not answer Jun Wu Yao’s question but was more interested by his sudden appearance.

Jun Wu Yao had left suddenly and returned just as suddenly. Jun Wu Xie had no idea where he had disappeared to during this period.

Jun Wu Yao replied: “Ye Mei came to look for me. He said you went missing at the bottom of the Heaven’s End Cliff. “

Jun Wu Xie paused a moment and thought back to the scene when she had been reunited with the others and she remembered that she had not seen Ye Mei with them. So, Ye Mei had left at the time to go seek out Jun Wu Yao.

“Then how come you came here instead?” Jun Wu Xie remembered that the Heaven’s End Cliff was a far way off from the Zephyr Academy.

“I will naturally go where you go.” Jun Wu Yao said with a laugh. Ye Mei had been midway through his search for his Lord when he received the information that Ye Sha had sent him, telling him that Jun Wu Xie had been located. But as Ye Mei had things he needed to report to his Lord, he had continued with his search.

That was when Jun Wu Yao finally knew that the place people called the Heaven’s End Cliff was in actuality the Dark Emperor’s tomb, and it seemed that his Little Xie, was highly interested in the artifacts, buried in the “Dark Emperor’s tomb”.

“It was just a coincidence. The moment I arrived, I saw you caught in that predicament. Were you going to risk your life again fighting against that man?” Jun Wu Yao chided gently, holding Jun Wu Xie’s hand in his. Her fingers were long and slender, the tips rounded and tender, the pink nails were like fallen petals, and beautiful to look at. He squeezed and toyed with her hand but she seemed not to feel a thing, her face calm and expressionless, while Jun Wu Yao could not resist it but started to toy and squeeze at Jun Wu Xie’s fingertips.

They were small and petite, soft to the touch.

“No.” Jun Wu Xie said as she stared at the person who had usurped possession of her hand, and was just squeezing it incessantly, before she continued, “I am not hurt.”


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