GDBBM – Chapter 741

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Chapter 741: “Eighth Slap (22)”

With everyone still stunned and in shock at Jun Wu Yao’s overwhelming power, someone there was fully experiencing what was termed complete and absolute despair.

Ning Rui stood completely frozen in his spot, his face turned completely white, every inch of his entire body feeling a bone biting chill.

[It’s over….. It’s really….. all over…..]

Hope had ignited many times, but in the end, there was only despair. His eyes seeing the few men collapsed in their own blood, Ning Rui seemed to be looking at the fate that would soon befall him.

Terror gripped him!

“Head….. Headmaster….. What do we do….. What do we do now…..” Gongcheng Lei’s legs had turned to jelly. When those few men had appeared, he had thought that the tables had turned. But things have progressed to a point that went beyond all their expectations.

That man who held so much power that he struck terror in their hearts had completely crushed any last slivers of hope they had held…..

Gu Ying had been rescued, and the few envoys who had remained behind were all dead, and they suddenly found that only the two of them were still here in the Zephyr Academy!

The dark shadows of death loomed heavily over their heads.

Being asked by Gongcheng Lei with a question like this, Ning Rui felt a shiver run through his body. He looked around at the dumbfounded disciples around him, and he saw that all their attention was focused upon the terrifyingly powerful man.

“Run….. Hurry, run…..” Ning Rui had only that thought in his mind. He could not care about anything else. He hunched his back, drawing his shoulders together trying to appear as small as possible think to slink away silently in escape.

However, the Heavens had decreed that he would not be granted that opportunity.

“Uncle Ning, where are you headed off to?” Fan Zhuo’s tall slender form was suddenly standing in Ning Rui’s path, his face glowing with his usual gentle smile, except that his eyes were burning with insuppressible murder!

Ning Rui’s heart jumped, and he fell back three steps in fright.

Gongcheng Lei who was just behind him realised that the game was up and he quickly fell to his knees with a loud thud by Fan Zhuo’s feet, his face covered in tears: “Second Young Master, all of this had been entirely Ning Rui’s doing. I had been bewitched by his promises and only helped him to cover up the facts. The Headmaster was murdered by him and Gu Ying, and I do not know about anything else!”

Fan Zhuo did not even give Gongcheng Lei a single glance and just raised his foot and kicked out to send him sprawling into the ground.

His father had been too kind and trusting, and he did not realised that he had been keeping such a heartless and cowardly mutt by his side all those years!

Although Ning Rui’s face was pale, the moment his eyes saw Fan Zhuo, the fear in his heart suddenly evaporated. He knew his fate was sealed and he would not live through this. That had somehow made him lose his fear. He looked down at the pitiful heap that was Gongcheng Lei on the ground, bawling his eyes out, and Ning Rui’s mouth curled up with scorn.

“Moron, you think by pleading, he will let you off? Your previous crime of secretly adding drugs to his food wouldn’t be that easily forgotten you know?”

Ning Rui maliciously pointed out with his voice dripping with contempt, causing Gongcheng Lei on the ground to shiver more violently.

Fan Zhuo beamed at Ning Rui and said: “Uncle Ning is absolutely right. I have no intentions of sparing him.”

“And naturally, you as well.” The fire in Fan Zhuo’s eyes intensified.

Ning Rui replied: “Winner takes all. I admit defeat.” He had calculated every single move, and planned everything meticulously. But a little brat named Jun Xie had fouled everything up. If not for that pipsqueak, Ning Xin might very well have successfully killed Fan Jin and the control of the Zephyr Academy might have fallen into his hands without him needing to enlist outside help that resulted in this hopeless situation now.

From the beginning, when Ning Xin had first planned to use Jun Xie to bring discredit to Fan Jin’s name, that had been the worst mistake made, and it was already too late to change anything.

With the first step taken with the wrong foot, everything else went wrong henceforth!

Ning Rui had asked himself countless times. If there was no Jun Xie, would he have succeeded?

That little inconspicuous youth, had suddenly appeared in the Zephyr Academy, and completely crushed the scheme he had been brewing and stewing for so many years here. And now, he had even damned him to suffer eternal doom!

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