GDBBM – Chapter 743

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Chapter 743: “Squeezing her Small Hand (2)”

“Huh?” Jun Wu Yao raised his eyes. He knew that she was not hurt, or else, those three insects wouldn’t have had such an easy death!

Jun Wu Xie’s head was lowered, looking at the pair of “paws” squeezing her fingertips, before raising her head to look at him.

[Was he checking her hands for wounds?]

“…..” The smile on Jun Wu Yao’s face froze a little and he suddenly laughed aloud again.

“Those men were not weak and they would not be above using despicable tricks, so there is a chance you might have suffered some hidden injuries unknowingly. If they are not carefully examined, injuries like these could be easily missed out. Little Xie can just talk and I’ll just listen while helping you check for any hidden injuries. Isn’t that better?” Jun Wu Yao said, the smile on his face not looking all that genuine.

Jun Wu Xie blinked blankly at Jun Wu Yao’s words and did not react further. She sat there quietly, afraid she would distract Jun Wu Yao, and stretched out her hands to allow him to continue inspecting her hands.

The corners of Jun Wu Yao’s mouth curled up higher as he kneaded her fingertips and turned her small hands over. He scratched gently at her palm, and that light fleeting touch tickled a little causing Jun Wu Xie’s tiny body to quiver.

Jun Wu Yao had found a hobby he would never tire of.

Standing at the door, Ye Sha and Ye Mei fought with every ounce of strength they possessed to maintain the stern looks on their faces, as their hearts almost exploded from their impossible suppression.

[Did their Lord Jue just duped the Young Miss with such a blatant lie?] [That is just one big con!] [With the Young Miss being so highly intelligent, why has she not realised the real reason behind their Lord Jue’s “careful examination”?]

Ye Sha and Ye Mei exchanged a glance and they both saw the helplessness and suppressed mirth in each others’ eyes.

Grasping the soft hands in his, Jun Wu Yao pretended to be calm and serious as he asked: “The bottom of the Heaven’s End Cliff, was it fun?”

“Not fun.” Jun Wu Xie replied.

“Knowing that that place is dangerous and you still went?” Jun Wu Yao asked, an eyebrow raised. Ye Mei had already related all their encounters in the bottom of the Heaven’s End Cliff to him. It must not be denied, that the people from the Dark Regime had really put in a lot of effort into it. But….. with the punitive power that Little Xie and her companions possessed, they had gone down the Heaven’s End Cliff and still managed to return back alive, that was no mean feat.

“I want to locate the Dark Emperor’s tomb.” Jun Wu Xie’s eyes were determined. When faced against people from the Middle Realm, she had been repeatedly reminded of her own weakness and frailty. She refused to depend on the power of others to protect herself. She knew to needed to become stronger!

Jun Wu Yao’s lips curled up at the sides, and he drew his face closer to Jun Wu Xie’s, his eyes filled with mirth and narrowed conspiringly.

“Oh? Why is Little Xie so determined to find the Dark Emperor’s tomb?”

“For power.” Jun Wu Xie said frankly and bluntly. “Dumb Qiao and the others told me that the Dark Emperor’s tomb holds all the treasured artifacts of the Middle Realm that will allow one to become incredibly powerful in a short period of time. I want to gain the power to resist the Twelve Palaces.”

The feeling of having a home that she could not return to was something that she didn’t want to endure for long.

Jun Wu Yao’s smile grew wider. “Do you know who the Dark Emperor is? And you dare to covet after his treasures?”

“He is already dead.” Jun Wu Xie countered.


Standing by the door, Ye Sha and Ye Mei nearly wanted to rush in and kneel before Jun Wu Xie.

[Young Miss!] [Is saying to a person’s face that that person is already dead really an acceptable thing to do?]

Two pairs of nervous eyes turned subconsciously onto the figure of Jun Wu Yao, deeply afraid that he would suddenly fly into a rage.

However, Jun Wu Yao laughed aloud instead. He sat there holding Jun Wu Xie’s tiny hands, laughing heartily till his shoulders shook.

“That’s right….. The Dark Emperor is dead. To a dead person, however powerful he might have been in life, did not matter any longer.”

The Dark Emperor is “dead”. Or else, how would those scums from the Twelve Palaces dare to even set their eyes on that place? Jun Wu Yao’s eyes narrowed at the thought of that. Having so many people lusting after his things, he must remember to “reward” them in future.


Jun Wu Yao’s eyes turned to look at Jun Wu Xie and the sharp glint in his eyes immediately disappeared.

As long as Little Xie wants it, no matter what it is, she can have it.


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