GDBBM – Chapter 740

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Chapter 740: Eighth Slap (21)

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes took on a malicious glint. “Kill.”

Jun Wu Yao laughed and without a moment’s hesitation, he raised his head slowly, to look at the two men standing there dumbfounded.

“Then you will have to die.” An alluring smile came back upon his lips, but the words that came out through his mouth sounded just like death’s knell. Jun Wu Yao raised his hand and two dark shadows sped towards the two men!

One of them could not even react and he ended up with the same fate as his dead companion, while the leader summoned every last ounce of his spirit power and he barely managed to block the strike that would have killed him immediately. But although he managed to escape having his head separated from his body, the deflected black shadow had nevertheless opened up a gaping hole in his chest, and large amounts of blood was flowing out from the wound.

His hands clutched at the wound desperately as he stared in pure shock at the unbelievably powerful man who had just killed the three of them, all highly skilled fighters, by just nonchalantly raising one hand!

Although his powers were not considered to be among the top elites, but he was nevertheless never seen as weak. But in front of this man, he felt so small that he was an ant before him. He dared not even dream of resisting this man, he wouldn’t even be able to put up a struggle.

Such tremendous power, like he had never seen before. Even their Elders, did not hold powers and dominating as this!

With his life force quickly flowing out of his body, the man could do nothing but stare futilely at Jun Wu Yao, stare at that ridiculously handsome looking face, trying to determine his identity.

“You….. Why will you go….. against…..” The leader was suddenly resentful. A man who possessed such power, why would he choose to protect a bunch of weaklings like that? He was sure there were no grudges between them!

Jun Wu Yao’s attractive lips formed into a mesmerising arc. He seemed to be looking at something interesting as he stared at the man filled with resentment and he said carelessly: “Go against you? Ha ha, don’t get me wrong. Killing you men was just because Little Xie wanted you dead.”

Trash like this were beneath his notice. They didn’t know what was good for them and they provoked his Little Xie, so they can’t blame anybody that they were kicked to go before the Gates of Hell.

“Who….. Who….. are….. you…..” The leader struggled to ask.

Jun Wu Yao had however already turned away and he had his head lowered to look at the stone faced Jun Wu Xie, completely ignoring the man’s pleas.

The man’s legs suddenly gave way and he fell heavily to sit on the ground. Feeling that the cold claws of Death were able to claim him, he struggled to lift his head, looking at Ye Sha who had come to stand ramrod straight beside Jun Wu Yao, and then shifting his gaze to the unbelievably powerful Jun Wu Yao. Suddenly, he remembered that black spirit power he had seen earlier and a chilling realisation dawned upon him. His eyes bulged and from his throat, a broken and shattered hoarse whisper escaped out.

“You….. Dark…..”

The words had just come out when at that moment, Jun Wu Yao who was still looking at Jun Wu Xie raised up his hand suddenly and a black shadow shot through the man’s neck, cutting off the words that the man had been able to say.

“You are being too loud.” Jun Wu Yao’s smile was tinged with slight impatience at that moment. The man had been filled with terror and shock when he fell over, lying silently in his own pool of blood, as his last breath left his mouth.

In moments, three exponents from the Middle Realm, had under the hands of Jun Wu Yao, been cleanly killed. It had seemed so simple for him that it boggled the mind.

He had only raised his hand three times, and he had killed three immensely powerful purple spirit exponents! ?

The Zephyr Academy was a sea of silence. Every single one of them was so enthralled by the perfectly handsome man’s overwhelming and unbelievable powers that they did not even dared to breathe loudly!

[He’s too powerful!] [Just too unbelievably powerful!] [The purple spirit that was so highly revered by the people of the world was just a lamb sent to slaughter before this man. Where is that man from! ?]

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