GDBBM – Chapter 739

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Chapter 739: Eighth Slap (20)

Jun Wu Xie’s spirit power was completely drained the very next moment. She had initially joined forces with Fan Zhuo and they had managed to suppress the opponent completely. But as her spirit power began to wane as the battle worn on, their opponent had quickly detected it and grasped at the opportunity before Fan Zhuo could react in time to shoot out a bright burst of spirit energy directly at Jun Xie!

Fan Zhuo heart skipped a beat and he wanted so much to block it but it was too late!

He saw that the burst of spirit energy was about to smash into Jun Wu Xie but before he could even blink, Jun Wu Xie suddenly disappeared for her spot!

Jun Wu Xie had braced herself to receive the attack and suffer the pain that was to come, but unexpectedly, the pain did not manifest upon her body in the slightest. In fact, what she felt was the exact opposite. She found herself suddenly wrapped tightly in a familiar and comforting warm embrace.

“Little Xie has really grown! You can already use the power of the purple spirit? But if you have just learnt it, let’s not rush into it too much alright?” A voice filled with pride and mirth suddenly sounded above her head!

Jun Wu Xie suddenly looked up in surprise and a flawlessly handsome face reflected clearly in her eyes.

“Big Brother…..” Jun Wu Xie’s eyes widened slightly, surprise showing in them as she wondered when had Jun Wu Yao managed to wrap her into his arms in that situation! ?

“What is it? You are not happy to see me?” Jun Wu Yao’s lips were deeply filled with mirth as he teased the slightly stunned little figure in his arms.

[How long has it only been that he was away and she has already stirred up such a ruckus. If Ye Mei had not seeked him out, he really wouldn’t have known that his little darling was capable of such shocking deeds.]

“Not true.” Jun Wu Xie disagreed subconsciously.

Jun Wu Yao laughed aloud and raised his hand to rub her little head affectionately. “Glad that it’s not. You just wait patiently for awhile while your brother go stand up for you.” Jun Wu Yao held Jun Wu Xie with just one arm and he turned to cast his gaze at the men who were currently fighting Ye Sha and the others. He gaze shifted over them before finally fixing onto the man who had earlier tried to harm Jun Wu Xie.

At that moment, the gentle mirth in his eyes disappeared completely, suddenly replaced by a dark malicious glint.

“You dare try to harm her? You must have lived for much too long. I shall have that corrected immediately.” Jun Wu Yao’s handsome voice slowly rang out. The audience had still not fully recovered from the shock from his sudden appearance when they saw a small shadow shoot out from Jun Wu Yao’s fingers, flying straight at the man who had been battling with Jun Wu Xie earlier!

Fan Zhuo was closest to that man then and before he even realised what was happening, he suddenly saw that the black shadow fly through his opponent’s neck!

The time it took was even less than a blink and the man’s head had suddenly been completely lopped off!

The even and smooth cut on the man’s neck suddenly spurted with a big gush of blood that shot high into the air!

The blood rained down. The loud clamour that had gripped the disciples of the Zephyr Academy suddenly turned quiet, and not a single sound escaped their lips!

It had happened in just a split second!

The two men fighting Ye Sha and Fan Jin suddenly found themselves assaulted by a thick pungent scent of blood. They swung their heads around to see and saw that their companion had already been decapitated, and a large spray of blood was gushing out of the wound, raining down in a bright demonic shade of red!

That was when the two men spotted that a flawlessly handsome and ageless man was suddenly standing next to Jun Xie. That man was holding the small sized figure, his lips forming an somehow enchanting and alluring smile. But that slightly narrowed pair of eyes, were instead like a bottomless icily freezing autumn’s lake, causing an irrational chilling fear to suddenly grip at their hearts!

[Who is this man! ? In a blink, he had killed one of their companions!]

The leader of the men stared in utter shock at Jun Wu Yao, disbelief showing clearly in his eyes!

“Little Xie, you want to keep these two?” Jun Wu Yao’s eyes did not see anything else. His eyes were only focused upon Jun Wu Xie and he did not care in the slightest about the man he had killed with utmost ease, and continued to ask for Jun Wu Xie’s opinion in a soft and gentle tone.

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