GDBBM – Chapter 73

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Chapter 73: “Jade Nectar (2)”

He did not eat anything, he had only drank a cup of wine before he…

“Someone poisoned the Jade Nectar?” Mo Qian Yuan’s face contorted as it paled further. He did not have a big appetite nor did he not have much interest in pursuing delicacies. He only had this habit to drink this king of wines termed Jade Nectar and he would drink a few cups every day.

This wine, although drank in small amounts, however as it accumulated over time…

“Wait.” Jun Wu Xie’s expression suddenly changed.

‘Jade Nectar?’Why did she find this term so familiar?

Mo Qian Yuan did not know what she was thinking as he briefly explained: “This is the First Emperor’s personally brewed prized wine. He had brewed this wine himself, the recipe is extremely complex, after the death of the First Emperor, there wasn’t anyone else who could brew it other than my mother. After she has passed on, there was no one left in this kingdom that can brew it, hence the only Jade Nectar left are the ones that my mother had personally brewed.” They were bestowed to him after her passing so everyday he would drink this wine in small amounts to remember his mother by.

Who in this world could be so cruel…to actually put poison in this precious keepsake he had left! Mo Qian Yuan clenched his fists tightly until they turned white, visible veins could be seen protruding out as his eyes had a murderous glint in them.

In memory of his mother, the only thing she had left for him… they actually polluted it with such a vile thing!

He would never ever in the slightest suspect that it was in this precious keepsake of his!

“How much Jade Nectar are you left with?” Jun Wu Xie’s eyes had a slight sparkle as she asked him calmly.

“There’s a few barrels left.” He gritted his teeth.

“Bring me over, let me have a look.” She stood up quickly as the little black cat who was still rolling on the carpet immediately stopped and followed behind.

Mo Qian Yuan did not put much thought into why she wanted to go as he brought her along to the cellar. On the way over, he did not forget to put some blame on the food saying that the ingredients were not fresh and Jun’s Family Young Miss felt uncomfortable after eating it.

Having the entire blame shifted onto her was so ridiculous that Jun Wu Xie shot him an incredulous look with a cold glint in her eye.

Mo Qian Yuan could feel the murderous cold gaze coming from his back and did not dare turn around to look at the source as he quickly hurried and brought her to the wine cellar.

In the cellar, there were five huge barrels, four were sealed tight as one was temporarily sealed for his daily consumption.

“In the entire Kingdom of Qi, there’s only these five barrels Jade Nectar left.” He said with a hint of pride in them. Looking at these barrels of wines, he reminisced on the past when he was only half the height of these barrels and was sitting by the side, watching his mother brew this wine with undivided attention.

Today, his mother was no longer around, he only had the wine left.

Jun Wu Xie dipped her little finger into the barrel that was used for his daily consumption. She sniffed it and she could smell the extreme complex scent of a full bodied wine without any traces of the wheat night flower poison.

“These wines are safe to consume, the poison is only administered before your consumption as it loses its effectiveness if left exposed for too long a period.” From the beginning, Jun Wu Xie’s line of sight never once left those five barrels of Jade Nectar.

“Really?” Mo Qian Yuan’s face lit up, he could still keep his mother’s personally brewed wine?

Jun Wun Xie nodded, a trace of loneliness was reflected in her eyes.

She could feel her Little Lotus’s excitement and she knew that this was the Jade Nectar she had been looking for.

She had finally found the Jade Nectar!

“This wine, I want some.” She immediately asked him in the most direct manner.

Mo Qian Yuan was surprised for a moment before he retorted: “You are a minor! You can’t even drink!”

Jun Wu Xie calmly replied: “For making medicine.”

Misty’s note: For chinese wines, they are usually stored in huge clay/ceramic urns but to make it easier for everyone to relate it to, I’ve changed the term to barrels. If you googled it further to a more precise measurement, apparently tuns are the largest size kinda barrels. But I’m just gonna simply things and just state barrels. hahaha

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