GDBBM – Chapter 738

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Chapter 738: Eighth Slap (19)

How could they possibly be purple spirits! ?

Ning Rui could not believe his own eyes, but the brilliant purple spirit glow flaring out from Fan Jin’s and Fan Zhuo’s bodies were burning his eyes at that very moment!

When the leader of the men saw the flare of purple spirit power exploding from the bodies of Jun Xie and his companions, his eyes were filled with incredulity. These youths were obviously from the Lower Realm, how did they learn how to temporarily raise their spirit power levels?

However, Jun Wu Xie was not about to give the man time to consider the situation. She had joined up with Fan Zhuo and were charging right at one of the men closing in on them while Fan Jin had picked out the other man and rushed right at him. The leader of the men suddenly found himself alone when Ye Sha came at him head on with a counter move, as they met in a colossal clash!

In a blink of an eye, six brilliant streaks of purple light and one of jet black from the combatants’ spirit powers interweaved and clashed. The spiritual energy waves rushing out as a result from the ongoing clashes were much stronger than those from Ye Sha’s earlier battle with Gu Ying!

This was the first time Jun Wu Xie had entered into a battle with purple spirit powers. She had not managed to fully grasp and control the new found power perfectly yet while Fan Zhuo had only recently recovered and was not at his peak condition. Hence, they had joined forces and went two against one to hold down one of their opponents which shouldn’t be much of an issue if it was not for too long a period.

And a grand battle burst forth before the main gates of the Zephyr Academy.

Ye Sha put every ounce of his concentration into his battle with the leader of the men. He did not hold back this time. He was well aware of the condition of his Young Miss’ spiritual power and the period of time she could sustain herself at the purple spirit level was very short. If he did not defeat his opponent before him in the shortest time possible, Jun Wu Xie would soon deplete her spirit power and be soundly defeated!

At that moment, Ye Sha did not dare to be careless. Every stroke he executed was aimed at the vitals of his opponent.

The leader knew that it was Ye Sha who gave Gu Ying his injuries and he was wary as well. But the moment they exchanged blows, he suddenly discovered that his opponent was stronger than he imagined, and what astounded him further was the black light from the spirit power covering Ye Sha’s body!

Throughout the entire Lower Realm and the Middle Realm, he had not seen anyone with such spirit powers.

The leader was pushed back by Ye Sha step by step and his heart flinched suddenly as he widened his eyes, as he stared into the chilling gaze of Ye Sha.

“You are from the Dark Regime?”

Who else but people from the Dark Regime would possess such a strange form of power?

The Dark Regime had after the passing of the Dark Emperor, gone into self exile for a long time. At present, it was very rare to see any members of the Dark Regime in the Middle Realm but despite that, no one dared to offend the force that once united the Middle Realm into one and dominated over them all. Even after the Dark Emperor had passed, the strange powers the Dark Regime cultivated still deeply terrified the people of the Middle Realm!

Ye Sha’s eyes flashed darkly after the leader spoke and without stopping the even the briefest of moments, his strikes quickened and fell like rain, once again trying to bring the man down!

The man gritted his teeth together, as his heart was shocked by his own guess.

[Why would someone from the Dark Regime appear all the way down here in the Lower Realm?] [Did they maybe discover the actions of the Twelve Palaces?]

On the other side? Jun Wu Xie was just discovering the amazing power of her purple spirit. But as time flowed, she could distinctly feel her spirit power draining at a very fast rate! The speed that her spirit power was draining at was several times faster than when she had been practising before!

She had thought that she would be able to maintain her purple spirit state for at least ten minutes, but in such a vigorous battle, after just five minutes, she suddenly felt that the spirit power within her body was almost emptied!

In a state of battle, spirit power would be used when executing attacks and that would greatly drain at a person’s spirit power. With Jun Wu Xie’s current yellow spirit level, she would not be able to sustain her spirit powers at the purple level for long!


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