GDBBM – Chapter 730

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Chapter 730: “Eighth Slap (11)”

With Fan Jin cornering him with every statement he made, Ning Rui had nowhere else to run. He saw that the gazes the disciples and teachers of the Zephyr Academy were giving him were all filled with disbelief and contempt. It was obvious that they had all begun to believe Fan Jin’s words.

After all, from the moment that Fan Zhuo had revealed Fan Jin’s real identity, the reasoning he had used to accuse Fan Jin of murdering Fan Qi as he coveted the Headmaster’s position had already been overturned!

Added to that, Fan Jin’s sharp and precise explanation of the events had made all the others seen that even if Fan Jin wanted to kill Fan Qi, he would not have planned it so poorly to allow himself to be so easily caught at it!

They had been father and son and Fan Jin had always had a close relationship with Fan Qi, which further proved that Fan Jin did not have a good reason to kill Fan Qi.

Ning Rui on the other hand…..

Ning Xin’s prior fate was common knowledge and everyone had even greatly praised Ning Rui having righteously punished even his own daughter in the name of justice. But now it only seems that Ning Rui had had no other choice at that moment!

The dagger stares that everyone was throwing upon him made Ning Rui sweat profusely. Gongcheng Lei who was standing beside him had turned deathly pale as he looked anxiously at Fan Jin, thinking how much Fan JIn still remembered of that day’s events, and whether Fan Jin remembered that he had colluded with Ning Rui…..

Ning Rui realised that with the way things stood at that moment, no matter how much he twisted the facts, he would not be able to dispute his involvement in the matter anymore!

At Fan Jin’s side, was Fan Zhuo. As long as Fan Zhuo was there and continued to bear witness and affirm Fan Jin’s identity, any argument that he put up further would only make him be seen as a clown.

Ning Rui’s fists were clenched tightly, unable to accept the fact that his life would soon be finished here. He had been just a step away from concluding the whole issue and he had only needed to bring the disciples of the Zephyr Academy to the Heaven’s End Cliff. Gu Ying would not have bothered him after that and he would have been able to continue his position as the Headmaster of the Zephyr Academy. Even if all the Zephyr Academy’s disciples and teachers were lost in the expedition, he could have easily promoted the disciples from the branch division up and in a few years, he would have been able to make the Zephyr Academy regain its status as one of the top academies throughout the land! He could have been the much envied Headmaster of a prestigious Zephyr Academy!

The status and position he had longed for his entire life had been right before his eyes and was almost within his grasp. But all that had been dashed by two young kids in their teens and upset all his plans, crushing his dreams!

How could Ning Rui not hate them!?

But now, they was no way he could turn things around anymore, but only…..

Ning Rui’s turned and fixed his venomous eyes onto the thoughtful Gu Ying at the side, a vicious malice came into his eyes and they suddenly flashed brightly.

[So what if Fan Jin has been cleared of his crime? So what if his own evil intentions had been exposed before everybody?] [All these people in the Zephyr Academy had not long more to live anyway. When they reach the Heaven’s End Cliff, they will all die there anyway. And nobody will know a thing about the events that occurred here today!]

“Gu Ying, do you still want these people to go down the Heaven’s End Cliff?” Ning Rui asked in a low voice, whispering to Gu Ying beside him.

Gu Ying had been trying to ascertain if Jun Xie was in the horse carriage when he suddenly heard Ning Rui’s words. He frowned slightly and ask: “What? Are you going to back out?”

Ning Rui laughed instead and said: “I’m not going back on my word, but there are people here trying to disrupt our plans and since you had intended to get rid of all three members of the Fan Family all along, and the two we had initially missed out have now presented themselves before us. Aren’t they being very thoughtful to save us a lot of time looking for them?”

Gu Ying raised an eyebrow and simply replied: “If you wish for them to be dead, I can just kill them anyway.”

He had no interest in Fan Zhuo and Fan Jin at that moment. The only thing he wanted to know was where the one who had repeatedly outsmarted him, Jun Xie was!

Having gotten Gu Ying to agree, Ning Rui was finally able to feel a little more relieved. His expression no longer showed fear. As long as all these people were dead, then, nobody would ever find out about all his insidious deeds, and he would be able to still be the Headmaster he had always dreamed of!

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