GDBBM – Chapter 729

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Chapter 729: “Eighth Slap (10)”

Ning Rui could not find the words to refute Fan Jin’s words.

It was true, Ning Rui had only been able to pin the crime of being the murderer onto Fan Jin based on two prerequisites. One was Fan Jin’s position as the adopted son and the second was that Fan Jin had lost his mind and would not be able to dispute any of his claims.

But now, the two points that Ning Rui had based his accusation on had now disappeared into the wind. If Ning Rui were to persist in using these excuses to wrongly accuse Fan Jin, he would only make others find it laughable.

Fan Jin’s voice resounded like a bell and all the disciples and the other teachers of the Zephyr Academy all heard him clearly. That voice was filled with rage and tinged with a little bit of ridicule, sounding like Fan Jin had just heard a good joke.

But the message the words brought to them, however, struck them like a bolt, and all of them were suddenly awakened to the truth.

Yes, if Fan Jin was truly Fan Qi’s biological son, there would have no good reason for Fan Jin to kill Fan Qi to covet the position of the Headmaster.

Moreover, on the day that Fan Jin had supposedly killed Fan Qi, he had immediately been caught by Gongcheng Lei at the scene and Fan Jin had not said a single word to dispute what he was accused of. The sight of the bloody crime scene with Ning Rui’s and his men’s statements had convinced the disciples and teachers who had been overwhelmed with shock at that time, and they had believed too easily that Fan Jin was the murderer.

But here today, Fan Jin’s words had exposed all the suspicious points in Ning Rui’s verdict before everyone’s eyes.

For a position that had him standing readily next in line to succeed, he was accused of killing his own father for it, and he had not make any plans for his escape causing him to be caught on the spot. Right after being caught, he had conveniently lost his mind after that and did not offer a single word in his own defence. All of this put together did not sound the least bit like the folly an ambitious and covetous son who harboured malicious intent in his heart would commit in his devious scheme!

With the string of illogical occurrences put together, the crime Fan Jin was being accused of was becoming more and more doubtful!

“Ning Rui, all the efforts you have put into this was obviously just to get rid of all three members of the Fan Family! You got Gu Ying to kill my father, and asked him to strike me hard enough to make me lose my mind and rendering me unable to speak up in my own defence, easily branding me the coldblooded murderer of my father on me. You have instructed Gongcheng Lei to hide drugs in Little Zhuo’s food over the years causing him to needlessly suffer the agonising torment of his illness triggered by your actions! The one that is really seeking to usurp the position of Headmaster was never me, Fan Jin. But it had always been you, Ning Rui!”

“You instructed Ning Xin to scheme to harm me in the Battle Spirits Forest but that failed and she instead audaciously plotted against the people from the Rui Lin Army and the Cloud Treading Peak. In order to protect Ning Xin, I pleaded for my father to hide the truth of the matter and expelled Lu Wei Xie and the others in an attempt to appease the Rui Lin Army’s and Cloud Treading Peak’s rage. My father had relented based on his long relationship with you as fellow disciples and chose to suffer the admonishment to his name in order to cover for Ning Xin. But in the end, you as her father, had chosen to save yourself and allowed your own daughter to be slowly killed before your own eyes, dying a slow tormenting and lingering death. After that, you had instead shifted the blame and developed an intense hatred for the three of us of the Fan Family! Ning Rui! Has your conscience been eaten up by the dogs! ?” Fan Jin was becoming more and more furious as he spoke and his face had turned bright red, his eyes bloodshot!

He stared like a angry demon at Ning Rui, looking like he would pounce on Ning Rui any moment and eat him up alive;.

“When has my father ever done anything against you? He had never once doubted you and had never been wary of whatever you did. He ate and drank with you sharing the same table, but he had never once thought that his own junior fellow disciple would be the one responsible for sending him into the afterlife, the same beast that seeked to exterminate his bloodline!”

Fan Jin’s words was like a huge rock that smashed onto Ning Rui. Ning Rui’s face turned from white to green, and his mind suddenly went blank. When he first saw Fan Jin made his appearance and looking completely recovered, he knew deep down inside that the game was up. And now that Fan Jin was unhesitatingly revealing everything that had happened before all the disciples of the Zephyr Academy, Ning Rui saw that everything was over for him!

The murder of Fan Qi and the framing of the crime onto Fan Jin was not completely thought out in the first place. With Fan Jin having miraculously recovered suddenly, it would only require a little explanation and the real truth would be revealed!

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