GDBBM – Chapter 731

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Chapter 731: “Eighth Slap (12)”

Ning Rui’s expression had suddenly changed. But Fan Jin and Fan Zhuo did not give him much of a reaction and only continued to stare at the venomous looking man.

“You’re right! All that you have said are true! So what if I made Gu Ying kill Fan Qi? I’ve been feeling aggrieved all this years. Based on what had that old dolt decided to hand the Zephyr Academy to that moron Fan Qi? Besides having been accepted as his disciple earlier than I did, in what way am I incomparable to him?” Ning Rui had suddenly decided to give up on defending his own actions and was generously admitting that he was the one who plotted to have Fan Qi killed.

He had initially wanted to hide that fact to firstly retain the teachers in the main division of the Zephyr Academy to allow the academy to have adequate teachers when they attract more new students here. But now, Fan Jin’s words had pushed him into an irrecoverable situation and the teachers had lost all confidence in him. With the exception of Gongcheng Lei who had been in cahoots with him, not a single one of the others must remain!

Secondly, he had needed to use his appointment as the Acting Headmaster of the Zephyr Academy to lead all the disciples to the Heaven’s End Cliff. However, all his planned avenues were not impossible, but for one. Even if all the disciples were to resist him now and refuse to go to the Heaven’s End Cliff, they would still have to see if Gu Ying would agree to that decision!

Gu Ying’s power, was something that Ning Rui had tasted himself and knew it only too well. The companions who were to travel together with Gu Ying on this trip would be arriving shortly, and once they get here, he wasn’t afraid that all the disciples would not submit to them!

With that in mind, Ning Rui did not need to keep up with his pretense.

Ning Rui’s sudden admission of guilt had astounded those teachers who had still been on the fence. They would never even dream that the amiable and gentle mannered Vice Headmaster in their hearts was in reality such a venomous minded person!

Who in the Zephyr Academy didn’t know that the Headmaster and the Vice Headmaster were close as brothers. But even with the decades of being fellow disciples and decades of camaraderie, Ning Rui had still not held back when killing Fan Qi, and he had even wanted to get rid of Fan Qi’s two sons as well!

His cruel viciousness caused all of them there to shiver involuntarily.

“So what if I was the one who killed him? With just the two of you, what can you do to me?” Ning Rui said with jeering look.

Fan Jin’s mouth curled up slightly in a cold smile while Fan Zhuo’s face had already lost all traces of his smile. His eyes were now slightly narrowed, as a bright glint of murderous rage stewed and brewed.

“Does that mean that you had intentionally meant to lead all the teachers and disciples of the academy to the Heaven’s End Cliff?” Fan Jin asked suddenly.

Everyone was still feeling shocked from the fact that Ning Rui had really killed Fan Qi and upon hearing Fan Jin’s words, they all suddenly turned to stare at Ning Rui and gasped in wide eyed shock.

[Heaven’s End Cliff!] [That was a place that had sent countless heroes to the grave!]

The exuberant youths all thrived on tales of valor and strange occurrences and they had all heard something about the Heaven’s End Cliff, and they knew of the kinds of dangers that filled that place.

This expedition had been suddenly announced by Ning Rui, to bring the disciples to a place to conduct a training trial. That had surprised all of them as that had been contrary to the rules of the academy. But as Ning Rui called the shots in the Zephyr Academy at that time, the disciples had not dared to voice out their complaints and only complied to the sudden extra training thinking it shouldn’t be too dangerous.

Many of them had assumed that a trial training would definitely be easier than the Spirit Beasts Forest.

Never did they expect, that it would be the dangerous and terrifying Heaven’s End Cliff! !

Needless to think that the inexperienced youths would survive, even famous powerful exponents when they went to the Heaven’s End Cliff, had succumbed to that place! Ning Rui must have gone mad!

[He was really going to send them to the Heaven’s End Cliff!]

Ning Rui was stunned for a moment. He had not expected Fan Jin to have regained his consciousness but he had even managed to discover that they were going to go to the Heaven’s End Cliff, and Ning Rui sneered.

“So what if I did?”

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