GDBBM – Chapter 72

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Chapter 72: “Jade Nectar (1)”

Although she was being stared at while eating, Jun Wu Xie still continued on eating in a calm and composed manner. Her eyes were downcast as she picked at the food with her chopsticks as if she was all alone in a room, not in the study of the Crown Prince’s residence with the Crown Prince seated across her.

After staring for a long time, seeing that she had no reaction nor had she the intention to raise her head, Mo Qian Yuan got bored as he lifted his cup up and downed it in a single swig.

Once the wine entered his mouth, a sizzling spicy sensation scorched his whole throat all the way down to his stomach, before he could even understand what was happening, he felt another wave as though there was a fire within as he lurched forward and vomited.

Without any warning, he had emptied his entire stomach onto the table full of food.

“…………………………….” Jun Wu Xie finally looked up, in her hands was a small glass bowl and the other was a pair of ivory chopsticks, as she looked at the Mo Qian Yuan who was still vomiting with a calm pair of eyes.

The little black cat froze. It looked at the uneaten portion of fish that was still on the table that was covered in a suspicious liquid. It also had some splashed onto its fur.

“I…….” Mo Qian Yuan knew he had messed things up and had wanted to explain himself but before he could even speak any further, he felt another burst of nausea as he quickly covered his mouth and rushed to the corner of the room and held into a wooden barrel and vomited into it.

“…………………” Jun Wu Xie calmly put the bowl and chopsticks down as she got herself up and left the table of ruined delicacies.

“Meow!” The Iittle black cat recovered from its previous stupor as it arched it’s back. It jumped off the table and rubbed itself crazily against the clean soft carpet.

[Mistress! Why are you always like that! You knew that the effects of coming into contact with the wheat night flower poison would result in vomiting, why couldn’t you just warn that imbecile?!]

Little black cat had tears streaming down its fluffy fur as it frantically rubbed itself against the carpet, trying to clean it’s precious black fur.

“I forgot.” Jun Wu Xie calmly at a corner, watching Mo Qian Yuan at one corner of the room belching out as he was clutching tightly to a wooden barrel. On the other side was the black cat rolling itself frantically on the carpet. Her lips curved upwards into a small smile.

From the outside of the room, the guards could hear a commotion from within. They however did not dare enter as they asked if everything was alright. Mo Qian Yuan who had been vomiting felt like crying as he roared at them to go away.

His whole face was as white as sheet.

Only after drink ten whole cups of water did he feel much better as the spicy burning sensation gradually subsided. He sat weakly at the corner of the study. His whole body had lost all its energy as he sat there limply, his clothes were messy and his collar slightly open, his eyes were hanging traces of tears as he sadly looked at Jun Wu Xie.

“Is it the wheat night flower poison?” He asked seething with anger.

Jun Wu Xie nodded.

“Why didn’t you say anything earlier…..?” He lamented. Even if you beat him to death, he wouldn’t believe that she did not know the reaction if he came in contact with the poison. After he saw her calm demeanour, he knew that she had expected it!

“There is no difference.” She sat there at one corner looking bright and fresh and most importantly, she was clean. She took out another the small porcelain bottle and opened it. A refreshing fragrance filled the air as she poured some onto her hands and she rubbed her hands together. The refreshing scent filled the room and the stench slowly disappeared.

Even if she had told him in advance, he still had to vomit it all out, what difference did it make?

So that’s was why she did not bother telling him.

Mo Qian Yuan felt that his alliance with this girl here was a double-edged sword. He might eventually die in her hands instead of his father and brother!

“So, what did you eat?” Jun Wu Xie faced him without the slightest bit of guilt as she asked him in a nonchalant manner.

Mo Qian Yuan was taken aback for a moment before his gaze filled with murderous intent landed on the jug on the table.

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