GDBBM – Chapter 728

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Chapter 728: “Eighth Slap (9)”

When that thought came into his mind, a blazing fire flared up in Gu Ying’s chest. Having fallen victim to Jun Xie’s schemes repeatedly, Gu Ying had developed a teeth grinding hatred for the pint sized brat, and his eyes roved unconsciously towards the horse carriage stopped before the main gates.

By then, Gu Ying no longer had the inclination to care about what Ning Rui thought. His mind was focused only on the horse carriage his eyes were currently fixed on.

When Ning Rui did not get a response from Gu Ying, his heart grew even more frantic. He turned his head back to look at Fan Jin who had come to stand next to Fan Zhuo. He surveyed the person before him from head to toe and after he was certain that was irrefutably really Fan Jin in the flesh, he became even more anxious.

“Fan Jin! How dare you to still have the cheek to come back here!?” In his frantic anxiety, Ning Rui suddenly shouted out loudly in rage!

[He must not allow Fan Jin to open his mouth to reveal all the things that really happened on that day or…..] [Everything will be over for him!]

“Guards! Apprehend this unfilial son who cold bloodedly murdered the Headmaster at once!” Ning Rui shouted, trembling in seemingly barely controlled rage, but was in actuality from deep fear.

However, nobody in the Zephyr Academy moved a muscle. Everyone just had their eyes shifting between Ning Rui and the Fan brothers.

If it had been before Fan Zhuo’s return, Ning Rui’s shouted orders would have the guards all rushing forward immediately. But with Fan Zhuo’s reappearance today, the situation had changed somewhat.

Although Fan Qi was dead, but according to the academy’s rules, the position of Headmaster would be succeeded by Fan Qi’s son. If they were to base it on their previous understanding, the position would be handed down to Fan Zhuo. But Fan Zhuo had suddenly clearly announced before everyone today that Fan Jin was actually Fan Qi’s biological son. This….. had caused everyone to suddenly be at a loss as to how they were to react to the situation.

For the position of Headmaster, would Fan Jin kill his own biological father? What was he after?

Without getting a response from anyone, Ning Rui grew even more anxious. He did not know how Fan Zhuo and Fan Jin had come to meet each other, but seeing the two brothers standing together on the same side without any animosity, he was getting endlessly more frantic!

Before Fan Zhuo reappeared, Ning Rui had intended to use his position as the Acting Headmaster to deal with Fan Jin. But now that Fan Zhuo had come back, his word was no longer the absolute law in the Zephyr Academy!

“Why would Uncle Ning be so anxious to silence me? Are you very shocked to see me perfectly fine now? What are you afraid of? Afraid that I will tell the truth behind my father’s death to everyone within the Zephyr Academy? Or are you afraid that I will tell them that you and Gu Ying are actually the real murderers who murdered my father?!” Fan Jin bright eyes narrowed slightly as he did those words, his smile on his face disappearing without a trace, and the expression on his face turned into one of intense hatred!

Fan Jin’s accusations caused a tumultuous uproar to spread through the square their eyes questioning and accusing as they looked at Ning Rui.

[The Vice Headmaster and Gu Ying are the real killers! ?] [What is going on here! ?]

The gazes directed at them from all directions that made Ning Rui bathe in cold sweat, his face awash in white, and his breaths coming in short sharp gasps.

“What kind of nonsense are you spouting! Fan Qi was as close as a brother to me, why would I ever dream of harming him!? It was obviously you! You coveted the Headmaster’s seat and committed such a heinous deed!” Ning Rui hollered in rage.

“I coveted after the Headmaster’s seat? Ha ha, what a joke! Don’t tell me Uncle Ning is getting old and his ears are not working too well anymore. Didn’t you hear what Little Zhuo said earlier clearly?” Fan Jin said, his eyes looking frostily at Ning Rui, his mouth twisted in a sneer. “I am my father’s biological son and the position of Headmaster would have been mine sooner or later. So, why would I need to do something so drastic as that? That would not only raise endless suspicions and it would also brand me as a traitorous murderer! Moreover, even if I really had such intentions, would I choose to do it when Gongcheng Lei was standing guard outside? And wait obediently inside to await arrest? Ning Rui, do you really think everybody under the Heavens are all idiots?”

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