GDBBM – Chapter 727

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Chapter 727: “Eighth Slap (8)”

But didn’t that person already lose his mind?

From within the carriage, a tall figure stepped out, outlined by the big glowing orange ball that was the gorgeous setting sun as all eyes swiveled to gaze on the mesmerising sight. The light of dusk shone like molten gold upon the figure as he slowly stepped out from the carriage. His tall figure was slightly bent over from passing under the carriage’s low door and a long dark shadow was cast, stretching out before him, while his facial features were partly shrouded against the blinding glare behind him, every bit like a beautiful surreal painting.

It had been just mere seconds, but to Ning Rui, it had stretched out like it had taken a few slow days. His eyes widened, and unable to take his eyes off the figure stepping forth, he peered intently, trying to see the person’s face clearly.

[Could it really be him?]


Gu Ying had said it several times. His strikes to that person’s head had turned him into an idiot and there was no way he could be cured. Even if in the event that the slightest sliver of an opportunity existed that he could be treated, it would still be impossible that it could happen in just a matter of a few short days!

Ning Rui’s heart was lodged in his throat, as he tried his very best to open his eyes wide, wanting to catch a clear glimpse of the figure’s face as soon as possible.

It wasn’t just Ning Rui, but all the other people in the Zephyr Academy were fighting to keep their eyes open under the blinding glare. Fan Zhuo’s earlier tumultuous words had kicked up a storm in their hearts and as long as one wasn’t an idiot, they all would never believe that Fan Jin would really kill his own biological birth father for such a flimsy reason.

But Gongcheng Lei’s testimony had nevertheless made it clear that only Fan Jin would have been able to kill Fan Qi in those circumstances. So, what was the truth behind all of this! ?

Under the anxious gazes filled with anticipation, that figure finally started to approach them slowly. And while the steps that brought the  figure silhouetted against the bright seeing sun closer, the face that everyone had been so familiar with suddenly appeared before their very eyes!

[Fan Jin!]

[It is really Fan Jin!]

“Uncle Ning, you still look the same.” Fan Jin’s face was filled with the same jovial and uninhibited smile upon it to everyone looking at him and that voice was the same one they all remembered fondly. That tall figure, those facial features, were all the same as Fan Jin in the past and only that body hidden under the clean robe was seen to be slightly thinner, but looking exactly just like he had the day that Fan Jin had been taken away by Wen Xin Han.

Only that the hagged wretchedness was now absent, returned to the image of the well respected Senior Fan in their memories!

Ning Rui was thunderstruck when his eyes fell upon that figure!

He stood dumbfounded and speechless and he could not move.

Seeing Fan Jin smiling as he always had in the past, his eyes sparkling clear, Ning Rui felt his heart began to thump violently, and he began to hear a buzzing in his mind!

[How could Fan Jin appear here like this! ? How could this be him! ?]

Ning Rui could still clearly remember that it was just barely two days ago that Wen Xin Han had taken the wretched and demented form that was Fan Jin away from the academy, the one whom he had deliberately tormented repeatedly after having completely lost his mind. It was impossible that he would be able to recover in such a short period of time!

[It was just two days ago! Not two months! And definitely not two years!]

[He had seen it clearly when Gu Ying had struck him! The force from the two palm strikes that Fan Jin had been struck with was enough to almost take a person’s life!]

Ning Rui glanced subconsciously at Gu Ying, his eyes filled with fear. They had been able to push the entire blame for the crime onto Fan Jin was due to the fact that Fan Jin was no longer able to speak and would not be able to defend himself at all. But it was clearly obvious now that Fan Jin had already recovered and he feared the fact that Fan Jin had clearly witnessed Gu Ying killing Fan Qi at that very moment then!

[If Fan Jin was no longer crazed, he would definitely reveal everything that he saw happened on that fateful day, and with Fan Zhuo’s earlier expose of Fan Jin real identity…..]

Ning Rui did not dare complete that thought in his mind, and he was feeling a cold chill start to creep up from the soles of his feet.

When Gu Ying saw Fan Jin appear, his brow creased up deeply as well. It was obvious that even he had not expected that Fan Jin would be able to make such a speedy recovery.

[Don’t tell me that Jun Xie had before rescuing Fan Jin from his imprisonment, already found the remedy to cure Fan Jin’s affliction?]

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