GDBBM – Chapter 726

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Chapter 726: Eighth Slap (7)

Fan Zhuo looked calmly at Gongcheng Lei. When Jun Wu Xie had initially discovered that someone was slipping medicine into his food, his brother and him had both felt that there was something strange going on, but no one had ever suspected Gongcheng Lei. Gongcheng Lei was indebted to Fan Qi for having saved his life. From a young age, Gongcheng Lei had followed by his father’s side and for many years, he had been always loyal. As nimble minded as Fan Zhuo was, he had never once suspected Gongcheng Lei as the culprit.

If they had not met Ah Jing once again, if Ah Jing had not seen Gongcheng Lei’s expression then, Fan Zhuo would have continued to look upon him as a respected and loving uncle.

But now…..

Fan Zhuo’s lips curled up into a smile. That gentle smile was soft as the moonlight, one that made people unable to develop a dislike for.

“So, what did Uncle Gongcheng see?”

Gongcheng Lei’s body was completely tensed up as he looked at Fan Zhuo. He had thought that the matter was over and he would have nothing more to do with it. He had not expected that Ning Rui would push him to the forefront and put him into such a tight spot. He had no choice but to force himself to repeat his story: “That day, I was standing guard outside the door when I heard the Headmaster and the Elder Young Master quarrelling. I had initially just thought that they had some differences to sort out and did not pay much attention to it. It was not until I detected a scent of blood that I realised something was amiss. By the time I rushed into the office, the Headmaster had already stopped breathing and I saw the Elder Young Master still holding the blood smeared sword standing in the office…..”

The smile was still on Fan Zhuo’s face.

“Uncle Gongcheng, how many years have you been with my father?”

Gongcheng Lei stiffened and hesitated a moment before he said: “For more than ten years already…..”

“More than ten years….. I remember that way before my elder brother and I came along, and before my father was married, you were already by my father’s side.” Fan Zhuo seemed to be reminiscing on the past.

Gongcheng Lei did not answer and only felt his hand and feet turn cold.

“I had always thought that Uncle Gongcheng had always been unwaveringly loyal to Father and now it seems that I am really a poor judge of people.” Fan Zhuo said, suddenly giving out a heavy sigh.

Gongcheng Lei was shocked and in his panic, he turned to look at Ning Rui. Ning Rui frowned deeply, he was suddenly feeling that Fan Zhuo’s return would deal a devastating blow to his plans here.

“Little Zhuo, what are you saying? Don’t you know your Uncle Gongcheng’s character? He has been with your father for such a long time and when has he ever shown any sign of disloyalty? You might still be unable to accept your brother’s inhumane actions, but that is now already a fact.” Ning Rui quickly interjected. When Fan Zhuo had earlier revealed Fan Jin’s real identity, that had already greatly shaken the credibility of the crime he had pinned onto Fan Jin and if this was allowed to continue, anyone with an ounce of intelligence would soon be able to detect something fishy about it all.

With all the teams ready and all prepared to move out, Ning Rui only wanted this matter to quickly come to a close.

Fan Zhuo’s face was all smiles as he looked at the pale faced Ning Rui, and he noticed the twitch that tugged at Ning Rui’s mouth in his nervousness before he said slowly: “Is Uncle Ning saying that I am distorting the truth of the matter? That is rather interesting. Uncle Gongcheng had said that there were only my elder brother and father in the office at that time and that he had been standing guard outside the entire time with no one having come close to the place at all. It was not until after my father was killed that he noticed something is wrong. That was what occurred on that day, is that right?”

Unable to determine which direction Fan Zhuo was intending to bring his argument towards, Ning Rui could only nod in agreement.

Fan Zhuo gave out a light laugh, and his tall and lithe figure turned slightly. Fan Zhuo was facing into the setting sun as his eyes narrowed from the blinding glare to look at the horse carriage stopped directly before the Zephyr Academy’s main gates, when his soothing voice called out clearly.

“Big Brother, what do you have to say about that?”

Fan Zhuo’s two simple words of “Big Brother” had sent a shocking bolt of of lightning straight into Ning Rui’s and Gongcheng Lei’s hearts!

They both turned their heads and their eyes stared fixedly at the horse carriage before them. Under the Heavens, the only one person that Fan Zhuo would address as “Big Brother”, could most definitely be none other than that guy!

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