GDBBM – Chapter 725

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Chapter 725: “Eighth Slap (6)”

What Fan Zhuo said made Ning Rui gasp loudly!

It was true. The Fan father and son had looks that were considered attractive, but though Fan Qi’s and Fan Zhuo’s looks leaned towards being handsome, Fan Zhuo was nevertheless noticeably one notch higher above them but his features differed from them. It was Fan Jin who looked very much like Fan Qi when he was younger.

In regards to that, although Ning Rui had once been curious about it, Fan Qi had just made a joke about it and brushed it off carelessly.

Ning Rui understood Fan Qi very well and knew that he was not a man prone to lying. Added to the fact was that he believed no one would be so ridiculously stupid as to take someone else’s son to call his own while declaring his own biological son to be adopted instead.

Ning Rui had felt that no sane person would do something like that and hence, he had never once doubted Fan Qi’s words.

But he had forgotten one thing. His senior, in a certain sense of the word, was someone who could be overly righteous. In certain exceptional circumstances, he might not be incapable of something so extreme.

Fan Zhuo’s reminder, had enlightened all the people of the Zephyr Academy. They had suddenly realised the Fan Jin did actually closely resemble Fan Qi, while Fan Zhuo did not share any similarities in their features with Fan Qi.

Fan Zhuo continued to say: “At that time, my family was mired in trouble where they were killed and I was extremely fortunate to have met my adoptive father who picked me up and raised me. I was frail and always in ill health. Father had pitied me for I was younger and very weak. If I was to be branded to be an adopted child on top of that, Father feared that I would be bullied. Father then compromised his own biological son and declared Fan Jin to be the adopted one, while the boy who shared no blood ties whatsoever with him was the dove in the magpie’s nest and I became his biological son. All these years, Father really treated me like his own, and my elder brother knew all this time that I had taken his rightful position. But he did not utter a single word of complaint and even looked out for me at every turn. So, that is why I really cannot understand why Big Brother would want to kill my father for a position that belonged to him in the first place. Uncle Ning, can you tell me the reason?”

Fan Zhuo’s explanation caused Ning Rui to be completely stumped for words. Ning Rui wanted so much to rebut, to reaffirm everyone of his words.

But when Fan Zhuo revealed his and Fan Jin’s identity right before everyone here, Ning Rui found that the crime he had forcibly pinned on Fan Jin’s head suddenly became one big joke!

If Fan Jin knew that he was Fan Qi’s biological son, then Fan Zhuo’s health no matter ill and sickly or fit as a fiddle would have no absolutely effect on whether he would be able to take up the reins as the Headmaster of the Zephyr Academy! That would also mean Fan Jin had no reason to take such a big risk to kill Fan Qi!

Ning Rui stood frozen in his spot. All the disciples and teachers started gathering together to whisper in groups. Their hushed whispers were accompanied by questioning eyes all gazing upon Ning Rui.

It was the first time that NIng Rui was feeling so uncomfortable to be watched by so many pairs of eyes with their piercing gazes. It felt as if those gazes were boring burning fiery holes into his body, bringing him agonising pain!

“Do you need a reason to kill? Even for a pair of father and son, a single angry word, in a moment’s rage, killing someone unintentionally would not be something totally impossible, or would it?” Gu Ying who had remained at the side in silence suddenly spoke. His arms were crossed upon his chest as he slightly lifted up his chin, seemingly completely unruffled as he looked at Fan Zhuo, not affected in the least by Fan Zhuo’s words.

Fan Zhuo turned to look calmly at Gu Ying. Under the calm and unperturbed expression on his face, a torrential murderous wave of rage lay hidden.

This was the man, who killed his father!

“Whether it was unintentional or whether he was framed, I do not think you are in a position to decide or are you?” Fan Zhuo countered derisively.

“We do have a witness here who saw with his own eyes, your brother still holding the murder weapon that killed your father. There were only your brother and Fan Qi in the office at that time. If it is not him, who else could it be?” Gu Ying replied smilingly.

Ning Rui suddenly snapped back to his senses and immediately pulled Gongcheng Lei who had been standing at the side, to come right before Fan Zhuo.

“And all of that was witnessed by your own Uncle Gongcheng!”

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