GDBBM – Chapter 724

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Chapter 724: “Eighth Slap (5)”

Ning Rui was secretly elated. Fan Zhuo had sent himself in for slaughter and you can’t blame him for taking up the offer!

After hearing Ning Rui words, Fan Zhuo’s body swayed in his spot.

Ning Rui was waiting gleefully for his body to collapse from the utter shock when Fan Zhuo suddenly steadied himself and the same respectful smile appeared once more on his face.

“What is Uncle Ning saying? How is it possible that my brother will kill my father?”

Ning Rui frowned slightly as he looked at Fan Zhuo curiously, not expecting him to be able to remain standing. “Little Zhuo, I know that you have always been close to your brother, but you can never be certain how a man’s heart can change anytime. You are afterall not real brothers tied by blood and Fan Jin is not your father’s biological son. You have been bedridden for so many years which made Fan Jin assume that you did not have long to live, and the position of Headmaster will eventually be his. But unexpectedly, your ill health took a turn for the better and that had made him show his true malicious nature.”

Ning Rui even sigh sadly as he continued to say: “Sigh, a pity that your father doted on him so much and even treated him like he would his own son, not knowing that he was keeping a viper so close to his side.”

Ning Rui portrayed his image as a amiable uncle very well and to those that didn’t know the truth, they would immediately be taken in by him.

The smile on Fan Zhuo’s face gradually faded and his attractive brow creased up slightly. “Uncle Ning is right about one thing. Fan Jin and me are not real biological brothers related by blood.”

Ning Rui’s heart fluttered with delight. But what Fan Zhuo said next struck him like a massive lightning bolt!

“But Uncle Ning got the other parts wrong though. The one who is not my father’s biological son isn’t my elder brother, but me. I am the adopted son that my father picked up, and my elder brother is my father’s biological and legitimate son.” Fan Zhuo said it with a face filled with confusion, his clear eyes looking earnestly at Ning Rui.

A great shock tore into Ning Rui’s heart, as he stared in flabbergasted disbelief at Fan Zhuo, unable to accept what he was hearing from Fan Zhuo’s mouth!

Fan Zhuo’s words made even all the disciples and teachers of the Zephyr Academy widen their eyes in astonishment!

[What is going on here?] [Did Fan Zhuo just say he isn’t Fan Qi’s biological son? And Fan Jin is in actual fact the real deal?]

Fan Zhuo’s words dropped like a bombshell and exploded among everyone present. The somber and quiet scene before the gates of the academy’s gates broke out into another wave of heated debate.

“What is happening here right now? How did Fan Jin turn out to be the biological son of the Headmaster! ?”

“That isn’t true, I have always been told Fan Zhuo was the Headmaster’s biological son! Why is he saying such things now?”

In a moment, everyone had jumped onto Fan Zhuo’s shocking revelation and fiery debates quickly ensued.

Fan Zhuo listened to the clamour around him as he looked at the hypocritical pity that had congealed on Ning Rui’s face, and a tinge of satisfaction flashed across Fan Zhuo’s eyes.

“Little Zhuo….. Wh….. What are you saying? How could you not be your father’s biological son? I can still remember it very clearly when your father brought both of you back here. He had distinctly said you are his biological son and Fan Jin was a child he picked up along the way.” A visible twitch was tugging at the corner of Ning Rui’s mouth as he fought to retain his composure.

If what Fan Zhuo was saying was really the truth, then the reason he had claimed that made Fan Jin murder Fan Qi would turn out to be one big joke!

As that would mean that Fan Jin would irrefutably be next in line to succeed the position of the Zephyr Academy’s Headmaster and even if Fan Zhuo was in the pink of health, the succession of the Headmaster’s position would not be linked to Fan Zhuo at all.

And Fan Jin would have absolutely no reason to kill Fan Qi at all!

A feeling of dread grew in Ning Rui’s heart. He did not want to believe Fan Zhuo’s words, but he did not dare doubt them even more.

If he believed them to be true, then the reason he had claimed that had made Fan Jin kill Fan Qi would not stand!

Fan Qi’s death would suddenly be cast in a suspicious light!

Fan Zhuo sighed lightly and looked at Ning Rui and said: “Uncle Ning, didn’t you notice that there are no common traits between my father and me? Whereas for my brother, no matter whether in terms of looks or temperament, they are almost exactly alike?”

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