GDBBM – Chapter 71

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Chapter 71:”Love (3)”

Mo Qian Yuan almost turned his whole residence upside down as he searched through but yet he could not find anything suspicious. After such intense searching, he could feel the strain as the poison from the wheat night flower had already invaded his system and eroded away his health and stamina. His healthy robust body was now a thing of the past.

As he sat down to get some respite, his whole forehead was covered with a thin layer of sweat.

“Are you sure that vile thing is really in my residence?” He asked in a resigned manner.

Jun Wu Xie was leisurely sipping tea when she finally placed the cup down and answered him: “To administer the poison of the wheat night flower, it has to enter the body orally.”

Mo Qian Yuan’s face turned livid as his mouth twitched. This girl! Fine, he admitted he did not ask and he just assumed it was something near him. However, why did she not tell him earlier and only told him after he had went through all that fuss?

“I’m hungry.” Jun Wu Xie was not bothered that Mo Qian Yuan’s face was black as coal.

Mo Qian Yuan gritted his teeth as he reminded himself that they were in this together. He could only silently simmer as he ordered for the servants to prepare lunch to be sent into the study.

“It…what does it want to eat?” Mo Qian Yuan looked at the black fur ball that was now curled up on her lap, swishing its tail as it looked back at him. His eyes twitched.


After the incident yesterday, this black cat had left a shadow in his heart. He still could not figure out the origin of this black cat.

If it was a contractual spirit, wait… that couldn’t be right, Jun Wu Xie’s affinity with contractual spirit had been known throughout the country. This girl did not have any during the awakening ceremony.

“Wanna eat?” Jun Wu Xie looked at the little black cat on her lap.

“Meow.” The little black cat blinked as it brushed its bushy tail on her arms, gently swishing it up and down her arms.

[Fish! I want to eat fish!]

“Fish.” She replied.

Mo Qian Yuan’s mouth twitched slightly once again. Watching the strange conversation between this cat and girl refreshed his view on the world.

Shortly after, servants came into the study and filled the desk with a huge array of food as colourful dishes filled the entire table. At the side was an eight treasure mandarin fish. Without any need for anyone to call for it, it swiftly jumped onto the table and contentedly helped himself to the delicious fish.

Jun Wu Xie sat down to eat silently, on the other side Mo Quan Fei had no appetite as he had no mood because he had failed to find the source of the poison. He just poured himself a cup of wine resting his chin on one hand as he watched Jun Wu Xie slowly sampling the spread before her.

Although Jun Wu Xie was petite, her notoriety was so well known that people had subconsciously avoided and feared her.

However the girl in front of him was just a young girl enjoying her food.

If she was not born into the Lin Palace, she would have had a very calm and easy life.

Jun Wu Xie was slowly tasting each dish, amount of food she actually ate was a similar amount the cat had.

Mo Qian Yuan felt more and more intrigued by this female ‘tyrant’ which the whole capital had called her. Although this was only the third time he had met her, the feeling she gave him each time was different.

The first time was also his birthday, he remembered clearly that year her bright smile and that pair of sparkly eyes always followed his younger brother wherever he went. She was clearly smitten by him, she ws a lovely young maiden in love.

The second time was yesterday’s birthday banquet, but this time her reputation had gone up a notch, but in a bad way, her name was at the tip of everyone’s tongue for quite a period of time. She was seated quietly at one corner. Too quiet until her presence was almost forgotten. Despite Mo Xuan Fei and Bai Yun Xian’s loving scenes. She did not waver and sat there as if she was in a different world.

When he had met her again in the garden, he was surprised that this small girl actually had a strong character.

The third time was today, he felt that he had found out another side of her. She had watched quietly by the side – the entire time of him making a fool of himself as he searched for the poison. This girl also had a little mischievous side to her.

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