GDBBM – Chapter 715

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Chapter 715: “My Move (2)”

“Three….. Three days? Wouldn’t that be too big a rush?” Ning Rui was sweating profusely. He had drawn Gu Ying into the Zephyr Academy to avenge Ning Xin.

But now, though Fan Qi was dead, and Fan Jin had lost his mind, but Fan Zhuo and the Rui Lin Army were not dealt with yet and Gu Ying was already forcing them to move!

Without Gu Li Sheng and Jun Xie as his bargaining chips, Ning Rui did not dare to imagine what the future would be like.

“If it is not done when the three day’s time is up, I wouldn’t mind killing you and sending all those brats on their way myself.” Gu Ying threatened, his eyes narrowed to a slit, as they flashed with a murderous glint that showed the unbridled rage boiling within him.

Ning Rui’s eyes widened, as he stared in disbelief at Gu Ying. Looking into that pair of bloodshot eyes, Ning Rui knew that Gu Ying meant every single word he said!

Gu Ying threw Ning Rui onto the ground and immediately turned and left. He was afraid if he stayed another second in there, he would not be able to hold himself back from killing that useless piece of trash.

Ning Rui remained sitting on the ground, his face filled with despair, and he suddenly looked like he aged a lot.

Once the disciples of the Zephyr Academy were brought to the Heaven’s End Cliff, that would mean that he would have outlived his usefulness to Gu Ying. And when he remembered those blood red eyes of Gu Ying’s earlier, Ning Rui could not help it but to curl up and wrap him arms tightly around himself, sudden fear completely overwhelming him, as an icy chill ran through his entire body.

A great storm was about to hit the Zephyr Academy and not too far away, another scene was playing out in Chan Lin Town.

Gu Li Sheng was sitting in a room within the inn, his hands clasped together on the table. When he heard approaching footsteps, he quickly stood up and every nerve in his body was suddenly taut.

The little black cat lazed languidly upon the table, its tail swaying it the air.

A series of knocks sounded upon the door and Gu Li Sheng hurried over to it. However, he paused to take a deep breath right before the door before he opened it.

Outside the door, stood the figure of Jun Wu Xie.

“Jun Xie!” Gu Li Sheng exclaimed happily. The moment his eyes saw Jun Wu Xie, the tensed expression on his face immediately relaxed and his heart was finally able to settle down.

“What happened?” Jun Wu Xie looked at Gu Li Sheng’s deathly pallor and she swept her eyes around the room inside. Besides the little black cat, she did not see anyone else. And Gu Li Sheng looked to be fine, why was he looking so terrified?

“Nothing at all! Did Senior Wen manage to rescue Fan Jin from there?” Gu Li Sheng asked, casting his gaze behind Jun Wu Xie, but he did not see any sign of Wen Xin Han and Fan Jin.

“I have arranged accommodations for them. Did you manage to bring all your disciples out?” Jun Wu Xie asked as she stepped into the room.

Gu Li Sheng shut the door tightly and immediately replied: “I did. I have arranged other rooms for them to stay in as well. Today’s events had really taken me by surprise. I really wouldn’t have thought that your ring spirit would come and inform me to evacuate all the disciples.”

As Gu Li Sheng said that, his gaze fell upon the lazy form of the little black cat lying on the table.

Just at the time Wen Xin Han was bringing Fan Jin out of the academy, this little black cat had stealthily made its way to the Spirit Healer faculty just as Gu Li Sheng had just received the news that Wen Xin Han was forcefully bringing Fan Jin away and was still filled with glee when he suddenly saw a familiar looking black cat jump in through his window.

He had seen Jun Wu Xie carrying that little black cat before and he knew that it was her ring spirit. He was still wondering curiously why the black cat had appeared when it suddenly opened its mouth and spoke!

“My mistress says that you are to immediately bring all of the disciples of the Spirit Healer faculty out of the Zephyr Academy. The horse carriages are all waiting outside and you have five minutes to pack your belongings. We move out in five minutes.”

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