GDBBM – Chapter 716

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Chapter 716: “My Move (3)”

Gu Li Sheng did not know what kind of expression he was making on his face at that time but the little black cat’s words had made him realise that when Jun Wu Xie asked Wen Xin Han to so blatantly break Fan Jin out of his imprisonment, her intentions behind it went beyond just merely rescuing Fan Jin!

She had wanted to use the moment when everyone’s, including Gu Ying’s and Ning Rui’s attention, were all drawn towards Wen Xin Han’s actions, to draw their eyes off the Spirit Healer faculty.

That would give the Spirit Healer faculty their only window of opportunity to escape!

Gu Li Sheng had not given it another thought and immediately informed all his disciples to gather as quickly as possible behind the little black cat. In a short while, they were all out of the Spirit Healer faculty and seated inside the prepared horse carriages before their gates, on their way to Chan Lin Town.

Upon reaching Chan Lin Town, Gu Li Sheng settled his disciples in and had remained in that room without taking a single step out.

He felt like he had just narrowly escaped from the clutches of death and his entire being was fully tensed up.

“If I didn’t ask you to leave at that moment, when do you want to wait until?” Jun Wu Xie asked Gu Li Sheng, her tone questioning.

Gu Li Sheng’s mouth gaped open. Jun Wu Xie was making it all sound so natural and logical but did she not realise that she had just returned to the Zephyr Academy for barely two days, and without anyone’s knowledge, she had already dreamed up such a devious plot and it was….. executed just beautifully!

Should this be something a fourteen year old lass be capable of? Gu Li Sheng really wished he could delve in Jun Wu Xie’s mind at that moment and see what her mind was filled up inside.

“You are right, that was the best moment. When did you dream up such a devious plot? Having Wen Xin Han create a commotion to draw everyone’s attention to allow us opportunity to escape from their clutches. And those horse carriages, and the inn…..” Gu Li Sheng had to take his hat off to Jun Wu Xie. In two days’ time, she had been able to devise such a perfectly flawless ploy and made all the necessary arrangements every single step of the way. From the horse carriages outside the faculty grounds to their accommodations when they came to Chan Lin Town, not a single detail was missed out.

If he had not been aware that Jun Wu Xie had left the Zephyr Academy for a long period before this and had just returned two days ago, Gu Li Sheng would have thought that Jun Wu Xie had planned all this from the day Fan Qi was killed.

“Ever since I heard Wen Xin Han was there.” Jun Wu Xie did not hide anything and answered Gu Li Sheng candidly.

Gu Li Sheng’s eyes widened, staring in disbelief at Jun Wu Xie.

How long had that only been, after she returned to the Zephyr Academy? Half a day! ?

“Fan Zhuo is staying in this inn. About Fan Qi and Fan Jin….. you tell it to him.” Jun Wu Xie said with her eyes lowered. When she got here, she had not first gone to see Fan Zhuo at the first instance because she did not know how to break the news to Fan Zhuo.

[Tell him his foster parent is dead? His adoptive brother has lost his mind?]

The ever calm and collected Jun Wu Xie suddenly did not know why, but felt those words….. would not come out of her mouth.

Hence, she came to ask Gu Li Sheng to do it.

“Tell it to him now?” Upon hearing Fan Zhuo’s name, the smile on Gu Li Sheng’s face suddenly disappeared, replaced by a look of grief.

[Those very words, to Fan Zhuo, will undoubtedly strike a devastating blow onto him!] [In just a short month, his family was broken up and a member has died…..]

Jun Wu Xie nodded slowly.

“He needs to know, or the steps after this, cannot be carried out…..”

As Gu Li Sheng heard Jun Wu Xie’s reply, he knew she must have something more planned and he did not question her further on it. He only asked where Fan Zhuo was, and immediately stood up to go.

Jun Wu Xie sat at the table unmoving, except biting on her lip in consternation.

[So what if she was deemed a divine and genius doctor? She was still unable to save Fan Zhuo’s father…..]


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