GDBBM – Chapter 714

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Chapter 714: “My Move (1)”

After hearing what Ning Rui said, Gu Ying turned to look for Jun Xie within the crowd. But he was stunned that even after all the Zephyr Academy’s disciples had dispersed, he still did not see Jun Xie anywhere!

A shock jolted Gu Ying’s heart at that moment and his body turned into a flash of light as he went to every corner of the Zephyr Academy grounds at his top speed but was still unable to discover any sign of Jun Xie!

How was that possible! ?

An ominous feeling of dread crept into Gu Ying’s heart. He immediately went to the Spirit Healer faculty. But when he got there, he found that the entire faculty grounds were completely empty.

Gu Li Sheng and all his disciples had disappeared without a trace and the Spirit Healer faculty grounds looked just like a ghost town.


Gu Ying’s mind exploded in a whirl as he thought back to all of Jun Xie’s actions the past two days. He did not find anything out of the ordinary but among Jun Xie’s common and day to day actions, there had only been two incidents that had cause for suspicion. And that was the private meetings between Jun Xie and Gu Li Sheng…..

Jun Xie had met with Gu Li Sheng twice within the two days and adding them up together, their meetings had not even come up to a single hour. The rest of the times, Gu Ying had had his eye fixed on Jun Xie, watching him like a hawk and he had not expected that anything untoward would happen.

But today, Wen Xin Han had acted completely out of character and Gu Ying had not noticed it earlier, but it now dawned upon him as he pieced together all the actions of Jun Xie after he came back and he came to an astounding realisation!

Wen Xin Han strange and abnormal behaviour had happened only after Jun Xie’s return!

A terrifying thought rose into Gu Ying’s mind suddenly.

Ah Jing’s disappearance, Wen Xin Han’s abnormal behaviour, and the sudden departure of everyone in the Spirit Healer faculty….. All these incidents must have something to do with Jun Xie!

“Jun Xie! I have really underestimated you!” Gu Ying’s face was twisted up in malicious rage and his jaw was tightly clenched as he stared at the wide and empty Spirit Healer faculty building.

He would never have dreamed that a moment’s slip in his judgement of Jun Xie would bring about such a disaster!

In a rage, Gu Ying came to Ning Rui’s office and kicked the door open with a crash. He grabbed at the collar of the confused Ning Rui and said menacingly: “Gather all the disciples of the Zephyr Academy immediately and bring them to the Heaven’s End Cliff!”

Ning Rui was suddenly terrified under Gu Ying’s murderous glare, his eyes red, completely bloodshot.

“What….. What happened…..”

“We have been played out by Jun Xie. Fan Jin’s rescue by Wen Xin Han must be linked to him in some way.” Gu Ying said through narrowed eyes, as his rage rose to scorching levels.

“How is that possible….. Jun Xie doesn’t know Wen Xin Han….. And moreover, weren’t you with Jun Xie all this time? How could he have the opportunity to get in touch with Wen Xin Han?” Ning Rui gulped when Gu Ying turned his murderous glare back on him.

“He might not have had the chance to get in touch with Wen Xin Han, but Gu Li Sheng did!” Gu Ying thought back to the time after Jun Xie had just met with Gu Li Sheng, when Jun Xie had led him away from the Spirit Healer faculty, using the excuse of teaching him Spirit Healing, to lure him far away, which prevented him from knowing Gu Li Sheng’s movements.

Jun Wu Xie had made her ploy completely watertight, and it had been carried out noiselessly without anyone knowing. Before the whole matter exploded in the enemies’ faces, no one could possibly guess what she was really planning.

Gu Ying had been defeated this time. He had lost to his own recklessness of youth and had been overconfident and too sure of himself.

Jun Xie and Gu Li Sheng’s disappearance had completely eliminated Gu Ying’s plan coming to the Zephyr Academy. Now, Gu Ying had no other choice but to push for the disciples of the Zephyr Academy to go explore the bottom of the Heaven’s End Cliff as soon as possible to prevent any more accidents from happening!

“Wen Xin Han is gone, and now you call the shots in the Zephyr Academy. In three days, I want the entire student body of the Zephyr Academy to move out from here!” Gu Ying was filled with rage with the disaster his single oversight had caused him.

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