GDBBM – Chapter 713

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Chapter 713: “Dominance of a Purple Spirit (3)”

An overwhelming and oppressive wave of power swept over everyone the next moment. All the disciples of the Zephyr Academy found themselves soaked in cold sweat. The suffocating oppression drew their breaths out of them and their faces all turned pale, while their chests constricted as if gripped by within the invisible hand of a giant, as they struggled to breathe!

That was the oppressive aura of power from a true purple spirit!

With the exception of Ning Rui and a few others, all the other people were seen to be swaying unsteadily in their spots under the suffocating aura of power released by Wen Xin Han.

Ning Rui had never dreamt that Wen Xin Han would employ such domineering methods to bring Fan Jin away from here. Although Wen Xin Han had been protective of Fan Jin, but he had always been mild mannered and gentle all this while. The Wen Xin Han before his eyes today seemed to have completely changed. He did not even want to explain much and had immediately released his terrifying power of his purple spirit!

Gu Ying stared at Wen Xin Han, and his eyes raged. He narrowed his eyes a moment and he finally took one step back.

“Since Senior Wen is insisting on rescuing Fan Jin with complete disregard of the truth shown in this matter, there is no way anyone of us will be able to stop you.” Upon finishing his words, Gu Ying bent his back slightly and stretched out a hand with his palm opened, in a gesture to “invite” Wen Xin Han to proceed.

Wen Xin Han stared at Gu Ying as he propped Fan Jin up to leave. All the disciples quickly opened up a wide path in terror and not a single one among them dared to utter a single word.

They all watched Wen Xin Han depart and they were finally released from that invisible oppressive force on their bodies. The sweat drenched Ning Rui hurried over to come stand next to Gu Ying and he asked anxiously: “Are we letting him take Fan Jin just like that?”

Gu Ying sneered at Ning Rui saying: “If you think you have what it takes to stop a purple spirit, you can go do it yourself.”

Ning Rui was properly stumped and he did not say a word more, but only stared at Gu Ying with his still pale face.

[He, go stop a purple spirit? Ridiculous!] [The only one here who would be a match for Wen Xin Han was only Gu Ying alone and that was why he had ordered Gongcheng Lei to go bring Gu Ying here. Gu Ying arrived, but he had not expected Gu Ying to allow Wen Xin Han to leave with Fan Jin that easily.

“With Wen Xin Han having rescued Fan Jin from us, if Fan Jin were to regain his consciousness one day and spill the beans, that would be disastrous for us!” Ning Rui was extremely worried and very nervous. But as many of the Zephyr Academy’s disciples were around them, he could only say it in a hushed whisper.

Gu Ying smiled. “You think Fan Jin is able to recover from that?”

Ning Rui was stunned.

“The reason I spared him his life was not for him to give me any trouble. No one in the Lower Realm is capable of letting him regain his consciousness. Moreover….. even if he does wake up one day, so what? Even if he told everyone the truth of the matter, would anyone believe him?” Gu Ying retorted.

After hearing Gu Ying’s words, Ning Rui was finally placated.

[That’s right! Fan Jin has been branded as the murderer who killed Fan Qi. Even if he stood forth to speak up in his own defence, people will only think he is lying to protect himself and not believe a single word he said.]

“We do not need to fear Fan Jin. But as for Fan Zhuo, when are you going to find him?” Gu Ying asked with a note of impatience in his voice. As long as Fan Zhuo was still alive, Ning Rui would never be secure in the Zephyr Academy’s Headmaster’s seat, and he would remain unable to deploy the entire student body in the academy to go down the Heaven’s End Cliff. That was something that Gu Ying did not wish to see.

“I have gotten more people to look into it, but besides Fan Qi and Fan Jin, no one seems to know where Fan Zhuo has gone….. But….. maybe Jun Xie knows! Some time ago, Jun Xie had left the Zephyr Academy together with Fan Zhuo and this time, they had left the academy one after the other. Maybe, he might very well know something about it!” Ning Rui exclaimed excitedly when he suddenly recalled that Jun Xie and Fan Zhuo had gone out of the Zephyr Academy that first time.


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