GDBBM – Chapter 712

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Chapter 712: “Dominance of a Purple Spirit (2)”

“Senior Wen, since you believe that Fan Jin is innocent, why are you in such a hurry to bring him away from here? Do you know once he leaves, he would never be able to clear his name of having killed his own father for life?” Ning Rui said anxiously. Although Fan Jin had lost his mind, but as vast as the lands were, who knew whether one person existed who would one day cure Fan Jin? What’s more, the person taking Fan Jin away was the highly revered Wen Xin Han!

As a purple spirit, Wen Xin Han would only need to say the word and all the doctors and medical practitioners would flock to him like bees to honey!

One thing baffled Ning Rui. Why did Wen Xin Han suddenly want to bring Fan Jin away from here? He knew the reason that Wen Xin Han had not made any moves for so long was because he wanted to preserve Fan Jin’s reputation and name!

Exactly what was it that had made Wen Xin Han change his mind?

Wen Xin Han stared piercingly at Ning Rui. Although Ning Rui was trying desperately to curtail the anxiety in his heart, and he was putting on a good show of being deeply concerned for Fan Jin, Wen Xin Han had however still been able to detect a very slight trace of panic in his voice.

Wen Xin Han did not know who killed Fan Qi, but Ning Rui’s actions were making him feel highly suspicious of his intentions.

“If Vice Headmaster Ning is willing to continue investigating into it and clear Fan Jin’s name, it will be the best anyone can ask for. But if you are not willing, that is not something that Fan Jin in his current state cannot live without anyway.” Wen Xin Han countered. Fan Jin was in a worse state than he had thought. He was glad that Jun Wu Xie had asked him to bring Fan Jin away from here quickly.

Ning Rui was was starting to panic and his eyes kept looking outside.

“For Senior Wen to be taking the Headmaster, Fan Qi’s murderer away just like this, do you really think it is appropriate?” Gu Ying walked out from within the crowd.  Gongcheng Lei immediately went to stand beside Ning Rui and the two of them exchanged a glance as Ning Rui’s heart finally settled a little.

Wen Xin Han’s brow creased up when he saw that Gu Ying had rushed over here.

“Whether Fan Qi was killed by Fan Jin remains to be proven. Calling him the murderer here like that should be what’s inappropriate.” Wen Xin Han disliked Gu Ying. With the first words that Gu Ying had just uttered upon coming here, he had already slapped onto Fan Jin, the accusation of being a murderer.

Wen Xin Han noticed Jun Wu Xie standing among the crowd soon after. Jun Wu Xie shot him a gaze and Wen Xin Han turned his eyes back to the front.

Jun Wu Xie had told him to get Fan Jin out of this place no matter what.

“Yet to be proven? Senior Wen, what you are saying is rather funny. Only Fan Jin and Fan Qi were alone in the room at that time. When Gongcheng Lei went in there, Fan Qi was already dead, and the sword that killed Fan Qi was gripped in Fan Jin’s hand. If that still does not prove that Fan Jin murdered Fan Qi, then I really do not know what kind of proof Senior Wen expects to have before you will believe Fan Jin is the murderer.” Gu Ying was laughing as he walked to come before Wen Xin Han, standing directly in Wen Xin Han’s path. His eyes swept over Fan Jin’s motionless form and Gu Ying continued to say:

“Could it be that Senior Wen is covering up for Fan Jin? Even knowing that he has killed the Headmaster, you are still insisting on taking him with you?”

Gu Ying was trying to corner Wen Xin Han. He wanted to drag Wen Xin Han into the mud together with Fan Jin.

Wen Xin Han was nevertheless still calm and composed. Having received Jun Wu Xie’s signal, he did not have to be concerned with anything else except for the task he was given.

“What is the truth and which are the lies, only time will tell. Fan Jin has fallen into such a state now and as his elder, I cannot allow myself to sit back and do nothing about it. No matter what, I will take Fan Jin away from this place today.” Wen Xin Han felt that he has said enough, and Gu Ying has a wicked forked tongue. If Gu Ying was allowed to continue, he will only cast Fan Jin into a worse light.

And the pitiable Fan Jin had lost his mind, being completely incapable of even defending himself.

“So Senior Wen is insisting on shielding this murderer?” Gu Ying narrowed his eyes and asked, his eyes glinting dangerously.

“If I want to take him with me, who dares stand in my way! ?” Wen Xin Han laughed, and his body was suddenly covered with a flare of bright purple spirit energy!

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