GDBBM – Chapter 711

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Chapter 711: “Dominance of a Purple Spirit (1)”

Gongcheng Lei paused a moment to glance at Jun Wu Xie again and turned his eyes back to Gu Ying, looking very hesitant to speak.

“Just spit it out.” Gu Ying said imaptiently.

Gongcheng Lei gulped before he said: “Wen Xin Han is bringing Fan Jin away from here!”

Gu Ying’s eyebrow raised in alarm and he said: “What did you say?”

Gongcheng Lei said: “He is now where Fan Jin is imprisoned and the Headmaster has already gone to stop him. But Wen Xin Han’s power….. I’m was afraid the Headmaster will not be able to stop him and so I came to tell you.”

Gu Ying’s eyes narrowed and he stood up quickly. He was just about to leave when he suddenly stopped in his tracks.

“Would Senior want to go see as well?” Gu Ying asked as his gaze turned to fall upon Jun Wu Xie, his mouth curled up in a smile.

Jun Wu Xie put down her bowl and chopsticks unhurriedly and she looked at Gu Ying’s brilliantly smiling face. She got up slowly and replied: “Sure.”

Gongcheng Lei immediately led Gu Ying and Jun Wu Xie over in a rush. And after the three of them left, the little black cat that had been hidden in a dark corner suddenly leapt out into the open, and ran quickly towards the outside of the Zephyr Academy!

The front of the building that Fan Jin was locked up in was filled with the Zephyr Academy’s disciples. All of them were craning their necks and their ears were pricked up curious to find out what was happening.

Wen Xin Han had brought the fully muddled Fan Jin and come downstairs. Ning Rui, Nangong Xu and a few other teachers of the Zephyr Academy were blocking Wen Xin Han’s way out.

Wen Xin Han’s dominatingly oppressive presence caused many of the disciples’ hearts to be overawed.

They realised they were looking at the only person to have attained the purple spirit in the past hundred years!

A large majority of the youths had already had their hearts set on seeing Wen Xin Han but to no avail as after Wen Xin Han came to the Zephyr Academy, he seldom showed himself. The expectant youths did not dare to intrude into Wen Xin Han’s rest and they could only hope in anticipation for an opportunity. The chance came at last after waiting for so long that Wen Xin Han had made an appearance and once the news spread, every single youth in the Zephyr Academy was attracted here.

And the trip they made here was rewarded with a good show!

Wen Xin Han was holding the completely muddled Fan Jin under his left arm. Throughout the entire Zephyr Academy, everyone knew clearly Fan Jin for what kind of a guy he was and there wasn’t one who didn’t know him. Although his reputation had taken quite a beating when he chose to protect Jun Wu Xie before her name was cleared, after Gu Li Sheng stepped forth to explain it, Fan Jin had quickly regained his position as the popular and respected Senior once again.


At that time, Fan Qi was murdered all of a sudden and Fan Jin was accused of being the one who murdered Fan Qi!

The rapid twists and turns of the events confused and shocked many disciples.  There were those who cursed at Fan Jin for being unscrupulous in order to get his hands on the position of Headmaster, and there were others who doubted the truth behind the matter.

Wen Xin Han had now brought Fan Jin out to appear before everyone and the sight of Fan Jin made all of them gasp in shock.

The once tall and jovial youth was seen to be completely aware of his surroundings and his once bulky body was emaciated and thin as sticks. He was so weak he couldn’t even walk without Wen Xin Han’s assistance, with his cheeks sunken and his eyes vacant and unseeing. Fan Jin seemed oblivious to all the ruckus around around him.

Both the believers and unbelievers had after witnessing the wretched state that Fan Jin was in recoiled in shock!

[Is that really Fan Jin?] [How did he become like this?]

If Fan Jin of the past was worshipped and envied, the opposite was true now where he was pitied and sympathized with…..

Wen Xin Han was insistent on taking Fan Jin away and Ning Rui could do nothing more than to try his best to persuade him otherwise.

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