GDBBM – Chapter 710

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Chapter 710: “Prepping for the Counter (9)”

“What if I must go against them?” Jun Wu Xie looked at Wen Xin Han, her face deadly serious.

Wen Xin Han was taken aback a moment before he replied with steely determination: “I will not go back on my word to you.”

Jun Wu Xie nodded slightly as Wen Xin Han expressed his determination.

“I will not need you to confront Gu Ying, but for you to look after Fan Jin during this period, to ensure he stays alive, and you will have fulfilled your promise to me.” When Jun Wu Xie had said to use Wen Xin Han’s life, she had meant to hold him to his word to protect Fan Jin with his life.

An expression of surprise showed on Wen Xin Han’s face as he said: “My Young Miss Jun need not put it this way. Fan Jin is the son of an old friend of mine, and even my Young Miss Jun did not say it, I would still have protected Fan Jin.”

Jun Wu Xie shook her head.

“I want you to break him out of imprisonment. Immediately.”

With Fan Jin locked up there, even if his life could be protected, he would still be put under indescribable torment. Now that she had returned, she could not sit back and do nothing!

Wen Xin Han was silent a moment.

“Are you certain?”

Jun Wu Xie nodded affirmatively.

Wen Xin Han considered a moment before he said: “Alright. I will bring him out of here today. But you must know that even if he escapes this day, Fan Jin will be saddled with the crime of having murdered his own father henceforth.” It wasn’t that Wen Xin Han was reluctant to break Fan Jin out of his imprisonment. But if he were to run away, then all that he would never be cleared of everything he had been accused of. Fan Jin would be forced to live in hiding, burying his own name in shame, as his name would only invite ridicule and curses. He was such a jovial and righteous boy and if he was forced to shoulder the crime that he did not commit, and lived a life humiliated and in hiding, it would be an unjustified insult and disgrace to the Fan Family’s name and reputation.

Hence, Wen Xin Han had wanted to find and produce evidence, to prove Fan Jin’s innocence.

Jun Wu Xie looked at Wen Xin Han in his eyes and said: “I will clear his name.”

If she was going to do it, she would see it through all the way to the end, and not leave any room for regrets.

“Alright.” Giving Jun Wu Xie his complete trust, Wen Xin Han did not ask her another word on it.

Jun Wu Xie then told Wen Xin Han to bring Fan Jin to Chan Lin Town after the deed was done.

Finishing all that she came to say, Jun Wu Xie immediately left. The time their conversation had taken had been short, but they had been open with their intentions. When Jun Wu Xie came out of the office, Gu Ying was still waiting outside the door staring at her with a wide smile on his face. Jun Wu Xie left walked away without giving him any reaction and Gu Ying followed after behind her.

After Gu Ying and Jun Wu Xie had left, Gu Li Sheng thanked Wen Xin Han another time. Although he wanted to save Fan Jin, he did not possess enough power. But since Jun Wu Xie had been able to make Wen Xin Han lend a hand, that was no longer an issue.

“In the days to come, we will need to trouble Senior Wen with looking after Fan Jin for a period.” Gu Li Sheng asked sincerely.

Wen Xin Han nodded and disappeared without a trace.

Gu Li Sheng found himself standing in the suddenly empty office, his body still all tensed up. Jun Wu Xie had not shared much more other than to ask Wen Xin Han to bring Fan Jin away from here. But Gu Li Sheng knew that Jun Wu Xie must have an incredible counter move planned up her sleeve and that realisation made his blood rush and incredibly excited. His fists were tightly clenched as he anticipated for the day to come as soon as possible.

That evening, when Gu Ying and Jun Wu Xie were having dinner, Gongcheng Lei suddenly came running in, his face pale as a ghost.

“Young Master Gu! There’s trouble!” Gongcheng Lei shot a glance at Jun Wu Xie sitting at the side and he then turned his eyes to look at Gu Ying anxiously.

“Oh? What happened?” Gu Ying asked slowly as he looked at Gongcheng Lei. Ever since the meal yesterday, Jun Xie had refused to go over to eat together with Ning Rui. Gu Ying did not mind it as after finding out that Jun Xie did not give the slightest reaction to seeing Fan Jin in his wretched state, he had quickly lost interest in using such methods to taunt Jun Xie anymore.

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